Friday, December 08, 2006

So, I Married Prince Charming...Or, Maybe Not...But At Least He's Not An Ax Murderer...

The Scene: Zube Boy is cleaning up his work shop. Putting all the big tools in their places. Kind of like how I feel when I'm checking people in at the front desk sometimes. Heh. Anywho...

Z-Girl: Honey, it looks really, really good in here!

Z-Boy: Thanks...

Z-Girl: What's this?

Z-Boy: Oh, it's just some notebook...

Z-Girl: Awww, honey is it your diary?

Z-Boy: Yeah. It's my diary.

Z-Girl: *Grabs notebook from its position high upon a shelf*

Z-Boy: You should read it. It's filled with all of the happy memories I've had since we got married.

Z-Girl: *Opens notebook*

Z-Boy: Heh.

Z-Girl: You're a dick. It's empty.

Z-Boy: There's still plenty of time to fill it up.


The Scene: Zube Boy and some buddies, including our roommate at the time, Zig, went to Vegas for Zube Boy's bachelor party. Whatever happened there, stayed there...for the most part. There was one photo of two gentlemen, and I use the term gentlemen loosely here, sporting boxers, well, one was kind of not sporting them so much, that involved a Holy Bible, but other than that no evidence of the weekend made it home. I'm in the dark as to what occurred at Zube Boy's bachelor party, and I kind of prefer it that way. Anyway, upon returning home, Zig and Zube Boy dumped their luggage on the living room floor and Zig regaled me with some, ahem, 'business cards' in his wallet that he'd received from a few ladies down in Vegas. Some very fetching, and, er, naked ladies.

Z-Girl: Honey, you better not have any pictures of hot chicks in YOUR wallet.

Z-Boy: Oh, don't worry, I don't.

Z-Girl: *Opens up his wallet*

Z-Boy: *Smiles his ass off*

Z-Girl: *Sees that the only picture in his wallet is of...her*


Z-Girl: Shut up. You know, I really can't even say anything.

Z-Boy: Nope.

Zig: Dude, you kind of walked right into that one.

Z-Girl: Yeah.


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