Tuesday, October 28, 2008

One Week

I really can't take much more of the waiting...

A few videos that have been tiding me by. If you're so inclined.


#2. Do not be deterred...


I can't take the ugliness for another week:

Much less four more years.

Please, please, please...

You can help us, too...

Monday, October 27, 2008

It's a Pearly Something...

Last night, I endured a terrible case of Stinky Husband Syndrome. It was awful. I was able to curtail the toxic stench a bit by shutting the door to the computer room where said Stinky Husband was playing a computer game. But, you know, when you replace carpet with wood floors, and don't replace the doors, there is the ominous presence of a crack between the floor and the door that allows for the passage of small, yet gag-inducing, amounts of noxious fumes.

A while after his Flatulympic Performance, Z-Boy emerged from the computer room, grabbed himself a bowl of cereal and a PBR and proceeded to the bathroom to take a much needed soak in the tub.

I always find it amusing to pester my husband while he is lounging in the bath.


Z-Boy: WHAT?!

Zube: Honey?

Z-Boy: Yes?

Zube: Are you washing your hiney really good? 'Cause if you don't, you're gonna hafta sleep on the couch!

Z-Boy: I am, honey.

Zube: Good. You need to really get in there and scrub.

Z-Boy: I will.

Zube: Okay.

Z-Boy: Hey, is this your only toothbrush?

Zube: Yes, it is.

Z-Boy: Okay.


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