Friday, November 28, 2008

Getting Stoned...

The other day my coworker sauntered into my office to get something out of the filing cabinet adjacent to my desk. I happened to be playing with a small stone one of my other coworker's kids must have left on my desk and forgotten about. It was a cool little stone, too. All shiney and greenish. They prolly miss it. But you know what? It's mine now, bitches! Finders, keepers. Because deep down inside I really am twelve.

Anywho, as my coworker stood pilfering innocently through files, a brilliant idea did stir in mine mind. I saw the opportunity to make a funny.

I threw the stone at him. It hit him in the head.

He looked at me, a little surprised. Okay, maybe a lot surprised. Possibly the same look I'd have had if someone threw a stone, unwarranted, at my head.

Zube: "Dude, you just got stoned."

Maybe you had to be there...

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Holy Shit, I Have a Blog!!!

I almost forgot!

You know what's awesome? Having a husband whose response to everything you say is, "Your what itches?" Good times, people.

Z-Boy finally got a work cell phone, which is nice for him because now he doesn't have to answer work calls, "Z-Boy's PERSONAL cell phone!" anymore. But it sucks for me because I had no idea just how often I assault him with text messages, which aren't covered by work's phone plan. I'm going through withdrawls, y'all.

Our last text exchange...

Zube: Honey? I just blew you some kisses, they should get there in a few minutes. Don't step on 'em by accident.

Z-Boy: Oops. The dog ate 'em. I'll wait and see if I can catch them when they come out the other end.

Zube: Ew. I don't know if I'd recommend that.

The end.

PS- Because I know I've been enormously slack in updating Zee Baby's blog, too, I wanted to share a photo with you:

Firstly, dude, I know I'm biased but she is one deliciously cute kiddo, thanks to all of you who cheered me on while I cooked her up 'til she was well done. That said, we were here when I took the picture and Zee was all decked out in rainbowy goodness. It was awesomely fun and I'm totally stoked that Hoot now lives in Colorado, too, so we can do activisty stuff together!

Fucking Suh. Weet.


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