Wednesday, March 23, 2005

You Must Meet the Zube's...

Zube Girl. That is moi. I am the main character 'cause I'm egocentric like that. And it's my fucking blog! Why yes, as a matter of fact, that is a penis balloon I'm holding. Posted by Hello

Zube Boy. He keeps me sane, and drives me crazy all at the same damn time! He loves me, jeeps, and me. And, yeah, I love him, too. That's why we're so perfect together. Posted by Hello

Zee Baby. AKA Cora Jane, Zee. This is my hard earned baby. The one that stuck around long enough for me to be ready for her to come out. She was born May 16, 2007 and my world was forever changed. In a good way. And a sleepless way. But she is absolutely worth it.


Bee Baby. Zee now has a new little brother, Bee AKA Keenan! Keenan Michael was born on July 30, 2009. We are all smitten with the little guy, but most especially smitten is his big sister. I couldn't be more thrilled that they adore each other so. And Keenan is just as sweet as can be.

I think he fits right in with our motley crew!

Zander. He thinks you're stoopid. He thinks I'm stoopid, too, so don't feel bad! Like right now, he's thinking, "What a fucking idiot; she can't even spell 'stupid' right. It's a shame my human is such a moron...Ah well. Her lack of intelligence is conducive to my diabolical plans to take over the world." Posted by Hello

Zack. The silliest ass dog to ever live. He likes cookies and chocolate cake, so if you've ever got any of that laying around, he'd love to visit. He's a bit too dim to take over the world or anything, but he's quite stealth when it comes to eating baked goods after I've just put them on the counter and turned around. Posted by Hello

Zinnia. This cute little shit has the dubious honor of being the newest member of the family. We'll see how well she handles the hissing and womping of the older sibs. She seems tough as nails, so I'm willing to bet she'll fare well.

6 Leg Humps:

andrea said...

We have dogs named Zoe and Zappa, a cat named Zulu and a rat named Zack. I never knew there was another pet family of all Zs out there...

Anonymous said...

I love you more cuz you have a fuckton of cats. I used to have the world's dumbest dog...but he died a few years ago.

Since I'm generally afraid of dogs and since I don't do puppies, I doubt I'll ever have another dog. However, that's probably a good thing because the cats would hurt him.

G "Zube" said...

It's amazing when you google your name and not only find people you know but find out that they are mentioning you. we've gotta talk soon.Genny

Anonymous said...

My boyfriend is a Zube from the east coast and he looks oddly similar to your husband. Do you think there is a relation?? (I'll send you a picture if you want to see) was a pleasure to read your blog. I share some of the same views as you do, so I was drawn in to keep reading. Hope you're doing well. Congratulation... Cora is very cute.

Effortlessly Average said...

"Why yes, as a matter of fact, that is a penis balloon I'm holding."

And unlike too many women, you're not ignoring the balls. Good job and lucky Z-Boy!

Anonymous said...

Love your profile, and your unbashed pro-choice position.

Your baby girl is delicious!


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