Thursday, December 30, 2010

I Am Fucking Zube

I've decided. I'm fucking Zube. I don't mean I'm FUCKING Zube. I mean I AM fucking Zube. Right now. That is to say, I'm Zube. And nobody else.

Also? Recent decision of my Zubeness notwithstanding, I'm also indecisive. You heard it here first. Or in your head maybe.

I work too much, in case you were wondering. I quit my job to be at home with the kids and a month and a half later got a kick ass waitressing job with awesome people at a super-cozy little place. Somehow, in recent months, I've acquired two other part time jobs. So now it's as though I'm working more than full time. I've recently been scratching my head and asking myself why the hell I got myself into this mess. Ah. Because I can't say no. Right.

Odds are I'm typing to a wall right now because I up and abandoned this here web page a while ago, but in a way that's okay. I think it is therapeutic to type to walls now and again. And that's all that matters really.


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