Tuesday, May 17, 2005


You've got to be fucking kidding me. Zube Boy and I should just give up now because having cohabited for three years before our nuptials, we're doomed for divorce anyway!

This pervasive religion in government is making me want to claw my eyes out with a fork lately.

The thing is, I would never in a million years deny another person the right to practice their religion and believe in their God. It's all good with me, so long as they respect my right to believe in my Whatever.

Religous freedom isn't good enough for these folks, though. I don't think they'll be happy until I've either choked to death on the God they're shoving down my throat, or learned to just swallow Him. Hold the ketchup. That's never gonna happen people.

I do find it kind of ironic that zealous right-wingers have taken it upon themselves to prosyletize about cohabitors, all the while giving Dr. Fuckwit Hager, a rapist, a slap on the back for all of his 'good work'. Pffbbbbbt. Hypocritic much?

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