Friday, May 20, 2005

Stupid People and Meetings

You know, it's so fucking annoying when you have Mr. Self Important at a meeting who just looooooooooooves to hear himself talk. It makes me want to say, "Would you just SHUT the FUCK UP already!!! What in the hell does your dinner yesterday have to do with this month's revenue, jackhole?" Okay, I'm exaggerating, but it was off topic business talk which would not make sense to you all unless I went into great detail. Which I don't care to do. 'Cause the meeting yesterday was enough, you know?

It's especially difficult when it's gorgeous outside and you know that as soon as the meeting is over you are DONE WORKING and sitting in a damn office all day and can enjoy the beauty of the outdoors. And the whiteness you've got going on is scaaaaary! So some sun sounds super! (Hee. I love alliteration!)

I think I'm regressing as I approach 30. I totally had little balled up pieces of paper on the table in front of me, and if someone else had not been sitting in front of me, I would have totally threw paper at the back of that guy's head. I was reminded of a little song Zube Boy sings to me to the tune of "Whip It."

"When you feel the need to speak, you must zip it. Zip it good..."

Mom had sent me this funny little e-mail.

Are you lonely???
Don't like working on your own?
Hate making decisions?

Then call a MEETING!!

You can...
SEE people
DRAW flowcharts
FEEL important
FORM subcommittees
IMPRESS your colleagues
MAKE meaningless recommendations



It's so, so true...

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