Tuesday, June 07, 2005

Frequent, Erm, Freaky Flyers

I truly feel sorry for the people who are seated on a plane in the vicinity of Zube Boy and I. I really do.

On the flight to Jersey, Zube Boy was seated next to the aisle, I was in the middle, and a seemingly nice gentleman was next to me in the window seat.

I was hacking and coughing because I had a cold. I fucking hate that. All I could do the whole time was worry that the guy next to me was cursing the suckfest germinator he had the grand misfortune of being seated next to.

I was also diagnosed with an ear infection the day before we left. So, flying sucked. You know, cabin pressure, popping ears, la la. During take off, I put my hands on my ears and bent forward a little, making the 'owwww' face, 'cause it was like, ow, and it helped me pop my ears.

Zube Boy quipped, "Oh honey, are the voices yelling again," causing the poor guy seated to my left to kind of scooch over a bit. About as much as one can scooch over in their seat on an airplane.

"Yep. They're saying I should kill you."

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