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So, I’m pinching an idea from Zazzafooky’s blog, and I hope she doesn’t mind. TJ is awesomeness. Check her out. She posted the story of how she and her husband met and married, and it has me waxing nostalgic about when Zube Boy and I first crossed paths. And, since I love reading stories such as this, I’m posting my own.

It was December of 2000, and I was living with three other roommates. One of the guys I lived with, we’ll call him Wag, had just moved to Colorado and had spent the first month living at Zube Boy’s house getting himself established. He moved into my place after that month, because I had a bedroom to offer, and not just a couch.

Wag had a couple of friends visiting from Denver for the weekend, and on Sunday morning, his friends realized that their car wasn’t working. Wag had learned while living with Zube Boy, that he was a genius of a car mechanic, and decided to ring him up to see if he’d be willing to help out. This is how the conversation went, from what I’ve managed to piece together.

Wag: Hey, what’s up?

Z-Boy: Nothin’.

Wag: Uh, I was wondering if you’d be able to stop by here and check out my friend’s car. They’re about to head back to Denver and it won’t start.

Z-Boy: What’s in it for me?

Wag: Hmmm…Well, we’ve got a little beer in the keg left over from last night and I’ve got a good-lookin' roommate you should check out.

Z-Boy: Eh. Okay.

Zube Boy came over, fixed the car, and had a beer while I giggled and sashayed about, working my sexy flannel pajamas. Because what single, childless 25-year-old in her right mind isn’t flouncing around in pajamas at noon on Sunday?

We hit it off pretty instantly. We were both sarcastic chuckling fools. That’s one of the first things I remember loving about him. Most men guffaw. Zube Boy chuckles. It’s excellent.

But, that’s not necessarily all she wrote. I visited Jersey for Christmas the two weeks following our first encounter, and returned with my little sister in tow who visited me for another week after that.

On January 6, 2001 my friend, Mel, and I were preening in the mirror, about to paint the town red, when my phone rang. It was Zube Boy. He sounded sooooooo nervous and cute. I had been told by Wag that he was extremely shy, and Wag was having a hell of a time getting him to call me and ask me out. I didn't call him because, ironically enough, I'd written off men for an indefinite amount of time two months prior to having met him. On this evening, he invited me to the Big Air snowboarding competition. Unfortunately, I already had plans. I told him I would call him the next day, to which he replied, "Okay," but I’m sure he thought, “Yeah, right.”

Anyway, I did call, not the next day, but two days later. Yeah, I played by 'The Rules' at first, and didn't want him to think I was desperate. Our first date was at my place. My roommates kindly hid upstairs while I made dinner for this quiet mystery of a man. We were supposed to watch a movie, but actually ended up arguing politics. I eventually got fed up with his Republican ass and said, “Oh my god, would you just shut up?!” That’s when I kissed him. We got caught making out on the couch by my roommate.

And THAT, my friends, is all she wrote. We moved into our own place two months later and married three years after that.

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zazzafooky said...

Excellent! and how could I possibly mind :-). True loves is never wishy washy or indifferent. It's something everyone agrees with right away!

Zube Girl said...

TJ- I knew immediately that I'd marry him eventually. If anything, I felt the need to stay and cure him of his political ills ;-) Aaaaand, since things didn't work that way, I figure I married him in sickness and in health, so I'm stuck with a Republican.

Totally kidding all you Republicans out there! We're all human. :-) And, I know for a fact that it's possible to get along...

kyknoord said...

Aaaaah - that's so adorable! What an excellent story. I am tempted to regale you with the sordid tale of how Mrs K & I hooked up. But I won't.

PaintingChef said...

Wives of Repulicans UNITE!

Seriously though, that is a GREAT story. I may have to copy both you AND TJ (LOOOOOVE that blog!!!)

Of course how we met and our first date happened about 15 years apart...

Zube Girl said...

Kyknoord- THAT would be a story I'd love to hear if you're ever up to telling it. I'd like to imagine you met in soup kitchen, while the Mrs. was making soup, of course, and you were putting on a play. :-) But, that's just me!

PaintingChef- Copy away! :-) I love the real life tales of how people met. I remember reading something about knowing Patrick long before you dated in your 100 things.

Blog ho said...

that's how i won over the ladies too. arguing until they told me to shut up.

Zube Girl said...

BlogHo- Heh. You arguing types are such charmers. Never underestimate the seductive power of "Shut up!"


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