Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Pffbt...Who Wants to Be in Their 20's Anyway?

Tomorrow I’ll be one decade closer to bopping youngins’ over the head with my flowery handbag while berating them for not knowing anything about the Good Ole Days. Well, I could actually do that today, but I think it’s reasonable to wait until I’m about sixty. Sixty seems a more appropriate age for that stuff, and besides, I’ve got to save some fun for later. Maybe by the time I'm sixty I'll even grow to like handbags.

So, the Big 3-0. I’m having lots of feelings about it which I’ll dump on you, ‘cause you all fucking rock with the listening thing. Thanks.

I feel like it’s time to put away my crayons and be a big girl. But, you know what? I’m not gonna. I think I’m going to start writing my checks in crayon and putting smiley faces in the zeros. That’ll show ‘em.

I really, really, really had hoped I’d have my first kid before thirty. I changed that several months ago to at least being pregnant by the time I was thirty. But, it’s not happening. Meh. We’re still on the Not Trying Not to Conceive, But Not Really Trying to Conceive path, so I’ll just go with it.

30. Huh. I’m going to embrace it. Half of my 20’s sucked hardcore anyway. I think I’ve got a lovely decade looming ahead of me.

On that note, here is what my birthday has me wishing for:

-To get knocked up. Hmm. Maybe after my birthday party! That could be fun…

-A new look for my blog. OH WAIT! I’ve got that thanks to Daria with Web Divas. Did I ever mention that she kicks righteous ass? No? Well, she does.

-A kiss from my honey.

-A fucking screen house for my pop-up that my husband will erect while I point imperiously and give direction. That last part, the part about pointing imperiously and giving direction…That would be the reason I’m not getting a screen house for my birthday.

-You know, life is pretty good right now. I’m not going to push it.

20 Leg Humps:

zazzafooky said...

Never stop using crayons! Ever. I use magic marker to fill out my time sheets ;-)

PaintingChef said...

OH!! Happy Birthday a day early!! I don't use crayons for my checks but I do use different colors of those really thin little Sharpies (I have a love affair with Sharpies). Right now all my checks are written in hot pink. The bank LOOOOOVES me.

Good luck with that conception thing!!! Join the club.

Storm said...

happy birthday!! Hope you'll have a great day!

great new look!

...and who knows, maybe the birthday nookie will be the knocked-up-nookie. Good luck!

peg said...

You know... you gotta grow older... you don't gotta grow up!

(tomorrow... won't you be one day closer?? I mean... oh, never mind)

peg said...

OH... and I love the new template!
Well, except maybe the puke green... no, actually I like the puke green... it groooooowwwwws on you.

(& it fits with that whole "blowin' chunks" thing)

Linda said...

I'm a new fan, devotee, blogstalker...whatever you want to call it. I love your blog and have been reading it for a few days now. I found it via a link from someone else's blog (I can't remember whose at the moment) on Blog Explosion. I'm looking forward to reading previous posts and catching up. Anyways...Happy Birthday early. 30's aren't so bad. Wait till you hit 40's. Oy!

Zube Girl said...

TJ- Ooh, now you're giving me ideas!

PaintingChef- My bank loves me, too, because for a while there I always paid the overdraft fees.

Storm- Thanks!

Peg- Words to live by! I sure don't gotta grow up!

Linda- Hey, thanks for stalking! I love stalkers. :-) My coworker is turning forty in a few months, so it's curbed a bit my whining quite a bit.

Daria said...

Ooh, didn't know your birthday was creeping up! I'm glad I got to finish your design in time! Have a happy! :)

Blog ho said...

30s are good. sore, but good. nice look. i like it.

Kn@ppster said...

Nice new look! Happy Birthday!

Um, if you need any help with that there conceiving thing ...

Just kidding. Sort of.


Anduin said...

Happy early Birthday Zube Girl! Your new site rocks and is sooo you. 30's arent' so bad until someone younger than you calls the music you grew up with "Oldies". What's that all about?

Best of luck with the preggers thingy too.

Zube Girl said...

Daria- Thanks!

BlogHo- Yes. Though the 'I'm all used up' jokes are flying. Tomorrow, I hear, I'm being traded in for a newer model.

Thomas- Thanks for the birthday wishes! I hope the conceiving thing won't be too tough, if I can only get him drunk enough!

Anduin- I almost shit myself the first time I was Nirvana on VH1. But, I've convinced myself that VH1 is just getting cooler!

Amy said...

Happy Birthday! I have the big 3-0 coming up in January... my hubby doesn't think I'll handle it very well. If it's any consolation, a friend of mine says that 40's are the BEST!! (but what else are you going to say when you are in your 40's?)

Good luck with the whole TTC thing... guarantee it will happen when you least expect it. Like that anniversary my husband and I had which resulted in the 18 month old monster that is running around my house now... ;o)

Phil said...

You're going to be 30?! HAHA, you're old! Oh, wait. I passed 30 five years ago. Crap, does that mean I'm super old? :D

Happy Bday, and good luck on that conception thing.


sk (& bd too!) said...

Aaaah...the 30's are GREAT!! I, like you, had MAJOR SUCKAGE in my 20's, so my 30's were MUCH BETTER. Actually, I'm 38, so I'm getting REALLY close to 40...THAT, my friend, SUCKS YOUR NEIGHBORS BALLS! (ewwww). I still feel 18 inside...just went to my 20th reunion and am still trying to figure out how 20 years lapsed between 1985 and 2005 !! Dang!

We're lovin' your new design. Green isn't so hot, but hey, you're an earthy kinda'll grow on us. And if it doesn't, well, who the hell cares, right? LOL your articles on the side yesterday and almost cried. My ZUBE GIRL made me cry. THAT doesn't happen often! You are truly a SURVIVOR with a capital...Z (for Zubegirl!)

Love ya! Happy Birthday!

Cassiopeia said...

Happy Birthday!

I'll be joinging you in a few months. I too had hoped I'd have my first child by 30, or at least be married. You got me beat there hon!

Hope you have a great day.

Al said...

Happy Birthday! Remember, it's not how old you are, it's how old you act. Have an extra beer/shot/margarita/whatever to celebrate!

Good luck w/ having babies. When we started trying, it worked right away and now have 2 kids 15 months apart! damn, my boys can swim...

Life with kids is great, just really different.

kyknoord said...

I just sang happy birthday into my screen. Hope you enjoyed it. I tried to get one of my colleagues to join in and do a two-part harmony, but he just looked at me as if I was strange. Good luck with the Zube zygote, BTW.

Zube Girl said...

Amy- Thanks! So far so good. I've been 30 for about eight hours now, and I'm feeling okay! :-)

Phil- Gracias for the Birthday wishes!

SK- Okay, so you fucking rock, because I never would have thought to call myself a Zurvivor! Whee!

Cassiopeia- You know, I don't know why we pick arbitrary #s to have done such and such by. It just puts undue pressure on us, when life is already tough enough, you know?

Al- If you're feeling a little woozy this evening, it's the vodka shot I'm having for ya!

Kyknoord- Your coworker is so not fun! Thanks for singing to your computer!

junebee said...

Happy Birthday, however late. I had some problems with my laptop which ended up being User Error, as X. likes to say.

When I worked at the night school division of a local university, we had alot of older (than average college age) students. The abbreviation for them was NTTA (Not The Traditional Age). They were a very sought-after commodity b/c most of them were very good students and their tuition was usually paid by their employer. Anyway, I sort of adopted NTTA as my motto. You don't even WANT to know at what age I got married (first marriage for both of us, no baggage), much less when the Branch and Blossom were born. So don't worry about it and enjoy your birthday.


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