Saturday, September 23, 2006

Hmm, How Not So Odd...

My hcg on Thursday was 33. That's not so good. Actually, it's terrible. It means that, not only did my numbers not roughly double every 48 hours, but they've dropped from what they were a week ago.

I'm having a rough time not blaming this on the dropping of a myriad of balls on the part of the doctor's office. Primarily, I'm really torqued about the fact that, despite me calling the office last Monday requesting a progesterone test, and being ignored, it turned out that on Wednesday, even though my request for a progesterone test was ignored again, the nice blood taker lady heeded my pleas to take another vial to test progesterone, and it WAS low. Only I didn't find out until Friday night when the doctor called. And it was too late for me to find a pharmacy in Chicago and have him call the prescription in. I'd like to mention here that by Friday night my tatas were already beginning to shrink back to their usual pre-porn star size and all the crazy ass blue mappy looking veins had all but receded.

As I was told, I called the office at 8:01AM on Saturday with the phone number of a pharmacy around the corner so the prescription could be called in. Lo and behold, by 4:00PM the pharmacy had STILL heard no such thing of this Zube chick, much less were they able to prepare a cure for what ailed her. So, I called the emergency line at the office and my doctor happened to be on call. He told me he'd asked his nurse to call that in at 9:00AM and he was sorry she hadn't. He called it in immediately.

I didn't get my hands on those pills until 6:00PM. That means I endured six days of low progesterone, the pregnancy kick-start hormone. Which is really shitty considering that if they had taken my progesterone on Monday like I'd asked, and been all timely and shit about getting me on supplements, I could have started it on Tuesday. Tuesday when I still happened to have porn star blue mappy tits. And felt the faintest bit of nausea. Pretty much, when I was still feeling pregnant.

I'm pretty sure that by Saturday it was too late and things had already begun to deteriorate. It's infuriating that it took almost a week to take care of this. One would think that, given I lose my pregnancies so quickly, it might've been a priority to get things figured out in a more timely manner. I don't get the feeling that the people at this office CARE about me. In fact, since my name is responded to with a knowing sigh whenever I call, I get the feeling that I bother them. And that is not the kind of bedside manner I'm looking for.

So, I'm pissed. But I'm also a little hopeful. Perhaps it IS the progesterone that is the problem. And I can take that information to my NEW doctor, whom I haven't found yet. I'm still asking around.

Oh, and to add insult to injury. I received a phone call from the pharmacy on Tuesday. They recieved a second order for the same prescription I'd picked up on Saturday and wanted to know what was up with that. I guess Nurse Fucking Moron finally found the time to call in my scrip. Three days later. Bitch.

I feel absolutely assish putting you guys through this. I really do. I thank you immensely for your well wishes and love. It means A LOT. And in the words of my most awesome husband, "I really think we're getting closer." Me, too. I hope.

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Karen said...

It seems to me, that there should be someone you can report this nursie too, and have her lose her job. At the very least, a reprimand and a black mark on her record. That is totally unprofessional, which I know you know.

I'm keeping you in my prayers.

Miss I said...

Write a letter to the doctor and tell him exactly how you feel!!
He needs to know how he and his staff dropped the ball. Find a new doctor asap too so when you get prego again, you have faith in the medical system...


Miss I

Phil said...

First and foremost, do not feel the least bit assish about anything. I can't speak for everyone here, but I do consider you a friend. And a friend should never, ever feel assish for venting/expressing/sharing during such a trying time.

About the doctor & nurse. Glad to hear you're actually dumping them and looking for another. Honestly, I'd suggest that once you find a new doc, take a little time to sit down and write your doc a letter expressing your extreme dissatisfaction with him & his office's lack of care. Let him know that the reason you're leaving for another doctor is because of the blatant lack of professionalism & lack of caring for their patients. If your insurance company is paying for any part of all this, CC them. They don't get very happy about paying doctors that aren't actually helping the customers.

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

RisibleGirl said...

You can lose the "feeling absolutely assish" stuff. I know for sure that there is not one person who reads your blog that feels that way about you.

Please do write a letter because it'll do two things; 1. Directing your anger to where it belongs and 2. Ensure they understand that you place the responsibility squarely on their shoulders. I agree with Phil about cc'ing the insurance company as well.

Zube, I'm so sorry this happened. I can't begin to know how frustrated and angry you must be feeling right now.

I'll be thinking about you...


Fidget said...

That was the exact type of behavior that drove me to find another doctor. My first desperat eattempt failed miserably, landing me in the cold claws of "Nurse Cookie"... i almost resigned myself to my old offic but something told me to push on... my new office didnt even bat an eyelash when i told them about my progesterone defiencies. As sson as i find out i'm knocked up I call teh triage nurse, my doc calls me back all a twitter and calls in my script and an order for blood work. There are good doctors out there, you just have to hunt a bit. Stop pregnant women in Target, accost them at the local park - they will spill all!! I wish you all the best and if you want to talk more email me or some crap. Ive been through teh wringer with this crap but i now have 2 beautiful healthy girls and am currently 16 weeks pregnant

Rich | Championable said...

I can't believe that, in the face of all this craziness, you used the term "assish."

That's why I dig you.

In AA, we have this phrase... "trudging the road of happy destiny." 'Cause even when we have a great partner... like I do in Maggie and you do in ZB, and even when lots of good things are happening... shit goes down and we just gotta trudge forward.

Rock on.

Gary said...

The world is full of bad and/or indifferent doctors. It will be well worth your effort to find the right doctor for you. I have found in the past that nurses usually know who the good ones are. Try to find some good nurses to help you. Good luck.

Miss Cellania said...

Oh yes, I feel like punching the doctor and nurse and everyone out on your behalf. They are the ones being assish here!

For a new doctor, is there a University near you? If so, go to its medical center and ask around. They know who's got a great reputation, and who they have to clean up after. If there are any support groups in your local area, they should be happy to give you the lowdown on who's the best.

Storm said...

Wait--you're using assish for yourself??? I thought the term was "bootylicious!" Because really? You are in no way like a farm animal. But bootylicious is good, and all.

Seriously, I think you should give us the name of your doc and nurse. I swear, no court would hold you responsible for the resulting attacks upon their, er, business. I, for one, would relish the chance to hunt them down and, um, make them feel bad. Freaking asshats.

Al said...

'assish'. Am I the only dumbass that had to read that 5 times to figure out what it meant? Now that I get it, I love it. agreed with everyone else, that word can't be applied to you.

I'm sitting here all fucked off about your doctors office. Drop these people like a bad transmission and find an office that actually cares about helping people.

Vulgar Wizard said...

Changing doctors sounds like an excellent idea.

Google your state's Board of Nursing web site and report her ass; they could suspend her nursing license!

junebee said...

There are some great suggestions above - ask random pregnant women who their doc is, get a referral from a university hospital, and write a letter to the doctor and the insurance company regarding the poor treatment you received. The doctor's office was totally unprofessional all around.

You've got alot of support out here. We're here for you, whether you want us or not.

Amy said...

You've got a lot of great suggestions here Zube, there's nothing I can add except that I agree with everyone and am still here pulling for you!

Crazy Lady said...

I know it has been said, but reading this my 1st thought was "write a letter and send it to everyone you possilby can" Send it to the Dr, the Office manager, the Insurance, and if he is in a multi dr pratice, all the other doctors.
Years ago I was unhappy with my son's dr and his staff, so I left. His new dr. took on look at him and diagnosed him, and got the ball rolling to help him. I wrote a letter to the dr, and got a telephone call in return thanking me, he had no idea his staff treated patients so bad.

As for finding a doctor - Fidget is right. Prego women love to talk about their babies, and will be more than willing to direct you to a good doctor!

Rainypete said...

Yet another reason I just can't stand doctors. They just don't listen and assume that they have expensive training that they are smarter and know more about you than you.

I hope you have good luck finding a competent sawbones.

LaLa Lisa said...

Hmm, so where's the doctor's office and what's the name of the nurse so we can kick her a$$? C'mon, please! Ok, ass kicking, but they do deserve it. Can we at least break out some ice cream? You're such a strong woman and obviously have a great, supportive husband, but I do wish that you two didn't have to keep going through this. You'll be in my prayers.

Happy Villain said...

Damn, girl, you are adding to the REALLY LONG list of people on earth whose ass I need to kick. What's the name of your former doctor? I can be in CO by Friday.

I wish with all my heart that I could help you somehow. I'd lend you my uterus if that would help any. Do you think they come in sizes? Would my uterus fit you? Could we take it in or stretch it out if it didn't? Heh, maybe pull on the ends like a balloon. Okay, now I'm losing my mind. Sorry. But if there's anything I can do, including lending organs, please let me know.

Maya said...

GRRRRR! ARRRRRGGGGHHHH!!! Oh, Zube. I'm so, so sorry, and I'm so, so angry at the office! I know that this has been said already, but write a very detailed letter, and send it to everyone who could possibly be related to this doctor, the nurses, or the office. The insurance company, the hospital to which the office is affiliated, the Nursing Board, etc.

Once you find a new doctor, here is a suggestion from someone who has also needed a medicine RIGHT NOW: have your doctor write you a prescription with at least one refill. Fill it, so that you already have it at home, and then, when the time comes again (which I know it will) if that one is not as "fresh" as it should be, call in the refill and snag it that same day.

In this digital age, it sure isn't as weird as it once was to consider someone that you've never met a friend. I've been thinking about you every day, and sending lots of good vibes your way. Hugs, my dear.

Maya (who wishes that she could unleash the power of a Rowdy and Pissed Off Librarian on these people!)

Georgia said...

Aw, fuck. I'm sorry, Zube.
My doc had me on progesterone from 3dpo until my period came, or I tested negative at 14dpo, or, you know, stayed pregnant for 3 months.
Your new doc should offer you the same protocol. And the cream/gel that you put near your cervix is supposed to be the best method of delivery. My assvice.
Anyway, mainly I'm sorry about the pg ending. So damn sad.


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