Monday, March 31, 2008

He Pisses on Kisses. I Pass on Pissed Kisses.

The Scene: I'm downstairs in the office, Zube Boy is upstairs in bed (still not feeling on the up and up). From the office, I cannot hear him squawking.

After a while I hear the tell-tale creaking of the stairs, foreshadowing the imminent arrival of my pajamified husband.

Z-Boy: *heads into the bathroom* Honey?!

Z-Girl: Yes, dear?

Z-Boy: Oh, what are you doing in there?

Z-Girl: Playing on the computer.

Z-Boy: Well, I've been blowing you kisses down the stairs forever now because I thought you were in the living room. I just came down and the kisses were all stuck at the bottom of the steps.

Z-Girl: Why don't you tell them to come over here? Oh wait! Here they come, marching in the office door!

Z-Boy: Nope. Nope. That's definitely not them.

Z-Girl: How do you know?

Z-Boy: Because I picked them all up and threw 'em in the toilet when I came in here.

Z-Girl: And now you're peeing on them?

Z-Boy: Yup.

Z-Girl: That's...nice.

PS - There are some DAMN funny comments here if you're so inclined to take a peek.

4 Leg Humps:

Chickie said...

I'd pass on pissed on kisses too. But it was nice of him to blow them to you! :)

Rich | Championable said...

That's actually unbelievably cute.

dink said...

OK, now I'm a bigger slacker than you that I didn't know you're back.

And guys? They piss on everything. Literally and figuratively.

Effortlessly Average said...

I think I just got a cavity. Must call dentist now.


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