Sunday, June 29, 2008

If a Tree Falls on Your Neighbors Deck, Will Homeowner's Insurance Cover It?

I mean, if you're the one who put it there?

Sorry I broke my promise to blog every day, but I've been busy. Zube Boy and I have an assload of trees that have been killed by the pine beetle in our yard (assload is a highly technical term meaning approximately 25...or this case anyway) that need to be felled. And burned or chipped before the beetle takes flight again this summer. And seeing as how dead trees are highly flammable and all and we're overdue for a forest fire 'round these parts, it'd be a good idea to rid our yard of them even if we weren't trying to be all, Protect Other Trees from the Pine Beetle.

Admittedly Zube Boy has done most of the hard work, chainsawing, dragging the winch and yadda yadda, but I took on the honorable role of winch operator. I've included a video (in which you will see my tree falling friend Bud Weiser...and you'll also prolly wonder if we're fucking idiots pulling the tree down like that, just know, the winch is anchored on another tree further away so we weren't, in fact, trying to pull the tree in my general direction.

Feel free to fast forward to the end of the video where you'll hear me, "Oh Shit,"ing...That's where it gets exciting.

Also? It all worked out. And Zube Boy was never near as scared as I was. He's more of the calculating type. While I'm more of the arms flailing, "OH SHIT!" type. As you've just seen. I was a little concerned about our neighbor's deck just to the right of the video. And the two healthy trees we were about to topple over. But Zube Boy employed his other handy dandy winch posessing vehicle. And we (ahem, he) fixed the situation. While I had visions of the opening scene of Ghost Ship tumbling around my head as there was a very tense cable about, um, a foot from it.

Needless to say, I'll not be applying for a tree falling position anytime soon. Or anytime at all. Ever.

6 Leg Humps:

AmyD said...

That opening scene in Ghost Ship was amazing! That wasn't too bad of a movie, huh?

BTW, did you take this video off? I tried to watch it and it said it had been removed. :(

Teresa said...

I did like that movie and that scene totally freaked me out.

The video is still there, sometimes youtube does that when I'm watching videos and I just keep trying 'til I get it. You can see my assmonkey in action!

AmyD said...

WOOT!!! Finally saw it.

Your assmonkey is awfully cute, I can see why you put up with him.

Love the Budweiser! LOL

BTW, my assmonkey now wants to move in with you guys. *sigh*

Jaclyn said...

Ok so I had never seen that movie and that has to be one of the weirdest starting out scenes in a movie ever. Now I actually have to go watch it.

Crazy Lady said...

I can't see the video - guess I will have to keep trying.

Glad no decks were harmed in the making of the video.

AmyD said...

@Jaclyn - you know, aside from the sort of gruesomeness (is that a word? Ha! Is now!) of the content of that scene, somehow it is done so freaking cool that you kind of have to like it. If that makes sense.

Do come back and tell us what you think of it!!!

Don't you think, Zube? You have to look at it and take a moment to really absorb what happened and then you are like awe struck WTF?


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