Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Suckfest - Party of One

At least that's what it feels like around this blog of mine these days. Anywho, I've got my tiara on and a wand in hand, so that should liven things up a bit for the moment.

I must apologize for my recent absence. I have been absolutely CONSUMED by this election. CON. SUMED. Like, this election is sitting fat and pretty crashed on a recliner somwhere with its hand down its pants snoring loudly to the Simpsons after eating a hefty, hearty meal of hot Zube. I haven't had much to say that isn't related to politics these days, so I've fallen a bit silent. One might say I'm so invested in the outcome of this election, I'm rendered speechless.

But, few things will have a girl crawling out of her political cave faster than the chance to share a little piece of her life that maybe, just maybe will help tip the scales, even a tiny bit. I'm scared of Palin for TONS of reason. But there is one that lends me the opportunity to speak out, and so I've written a piece for Colorado Women Against Palin, and it will be posted there sometime soonish (lots o' political goings on here in good old Colorado, being a swing state and all, so they don't want my story to get lost in the fray).

You can say you saw it here first.

(Zee would like to offer up her introduction to my story, too. She's insistent. One and a half year olds can be QUITE insistent, if you ask me.)


With that said, here 'tis...

It didn't take long after the announcement that Governor Sarah Palin had been selected to the number two spot of the Republican ticket for me to be appalled. Simply scratching the surface those first few days, I questioned her ethics, her experience, and her readiness. But what made my blood run cold was reading that she was opposed to abortion even in cases of rape and incest.

When I was in high school, some fifteen odd years ago, it was not unusual to find me in red-faced heated debate about abortion rights. In the locker room getting ready for cheerleading practice. Over pizza at the local hangout. During social studies class. I was young, opinionated and unbending in my views. I am quite familiar with Palin's stance, because it is one I espoused. I even opined on more than a few occasions that carrying a pregnancy, conceived of rape, to term would be 'healing' for the victim.

I cringe now imagining myself so pompously commanding to know what was best for all women. I was unaware at the time I so fervently argued against every woman's right to choose, including my own, that life had in store for me the unique opportunity to walk in the shoes I'd proclaimed to have so much insight into wearing.

In college I was raped and three weeks after the rape, a pregnancy test confirmed my worst fears. I had become pregnant as a result of the attack.

I found that, for me, rather than seeing the potential for 'healing' in continuing the pregnancy, I was debilitated by the mere thought of it. After much soul-searching and wrangling with my previous personal beliefs, I ultimately decided to terminate the pregnancy.

I no longer profess to know what is best for every woman in any case. Through the years I have shared my story many times in the hopes of protecting a right I so ardently fought to deny myself. It is the least I can do to thank those women and men before me who protected my right to choose, even as I railed against them.

I have not once abandoned the cause, even as I struggled through three miscarriages while trying to start a family with my husband. I shared my story at a State Senate Committee Hearing while 21 weeks pregnant with my daughter and facing the very real possibility that I might lose that pregnancy, too, due to pre-term labor. I cannot stress to you how important it is to me to keep abortion a safe and legal option for all women, but especially for those victims of rape and incest. Preserving choice has become my life's work.

Palin frightens me on numerous levels, but I am horrified by her position on this issue in particular. Palin has not walked in the shoes of a rape survivor. I hadn't either until, well, I did. I won't deny that I have an understanding of those who theorize about women and the shoes they wear. I have done that myself. But because I understand them does not mean that I won’t speak out against them. Women deserve better than the extreme Anti-Choice stance Palin represents.

Through the years, I have been touched by so many women who’ve shared their stories with me. They’ve approached me after rallies and sent me e-mails after reading my blog. I know that becoming pregnant after a rape is not so rare as we would like to think. A woman once e-mailed me and told me that she had been raped, became pregnant, and gave her son up for adoption. She went on to say how strong I am, how strong we all are, and she urged me to continue fighting the good fight. Rape survivors deserve a choice, she said. Whether it is the choice I made or you made or others have made. To this day I am encouraged by her. And I am simply compelled each time I look into my baby girl’s beautiful eyes and imagine her future.

Palin may have her lipstick. But I have my shoes. And in them, with my daughter on my hip, I will proudly continue to walk the path I’m on, preserving the rights of every daughter

And just to add...

McCain? I'm no fan. No anymore. I'll be a bad Democrat and say he was a pretty all right guy and I actually kinda liked him. In 2004. But he's different now. It's obvious to me that he's caving to the religous right and sacrificing the real, small government fiscal conservatives to win the election. And that pisses me off.

Though, Palin? I'm seriously considering taking my Bermuda born ass to a lawyer ASAP and asking about claiming my dual citezenship so The Zubes can move to another country if she has a shot at being President. And I'm only half joking. Maybe a quarter.

Later, taters.

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themom said...

I can honestly relate to this one I am on Palin's ass constantly in my blog. McQuack showed his true attitude towards women, but inserting her as his running mate, he is altogether insinuating we, as women are STUPID!!! We are in for a shit load of trouble if this woman gets near Washington, D.C. Keep it up!

Her latest asshole statement that GAYS choose to be that way - sent me over the edge.

AmyD said...

The interview with Katie Couric sent me reeling. I was floored that someone would think that basic geography gave her a special edge in political affairs.

AmyD said...

Uh... you know, I look stupid. But, I meant to say that basic geography gave her an edge over international political affairs.

Meaning her reference to the fact that she had foreign policy experience because Russia is so close to Alaska.

OMG. sorry for sounding like such a putz!

Lou said...

I too liked McCain. In 2000 he was a different person, more able to act on his smart hard working ideals; but something has changed. Never was it more obvious then when he picked Palin as VP. I know this wasn't HIS best choice, so why then did he pick her? Answer, pressure from the wrong people. I had thought for a minute that this pressure would come and go with W Bush, but alas, its showed us its still there.

If McCain would have chosen someone better I would still believe in him, but not now. I too thought a woman VP would be a good idea both political and for the good of the country, but not at the cost of having a Sarah Palin. Why not pick someone like Elizabeth Dole? Smart, experienced, honest and recognizable. I assume the powers that be thought she wasn't young, pretty, or radical enough.

Shame on you John, for throwing away all you worked so hard for, before you even got it.

Crazy Lady said...

Very powerful letter.

Nicky said...

Zube, it is not the first time that I have read your story but it moves me just as much now, as it did the first time.

Palin scares the pants off me. How McCain can claim with a straight face that Obama is not ready to lead and he has chosen as his partner someone with far less experience, education and know how, is just beyond me. Her interview with Katie Couric said it all. Airhead! I would love to see a woman as VP but lets have one that would make us all proud.


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