Thursday, December 11, 2008

On the Up and Up

You know, it really astounds me just how much energy a tiny being, one smaller than a grain of rice, could sap from its host. It's pretty fucking incredible, if you ask me. That my 24 pound toddler doesn't wear me out as much as a 1mm zygote. Interesante.

Anywho, details...Sorry for the delay, but they were delayed in getting to me...

Quick Lesson Uno: Hcg should double every 48 hours.

Last Friday - hcg 175
Sunday - hcg 449

More than doubled. Excellent.

Quick Lesson Dos: Progesterone should be at least above 15, preferably above 20.

My progesterone - 14

I'm on supplements, but I'm not fretting about the low progesterone too much because with Zee Baby it was only 10.

Sometime between Christmas and New Year's, pending nothing catastrophic between now and then, we'll have a little looksee at the bugger. By then s/he should be thumpa-thumpa-thumping away. Wouldn't THAT just be about the best fucking Christmas present EVAH?!

5 Leg Humps:

Krista said...

Excellent news, Zube!

Fingers crossed that everything continues on the straight and narrow.

Crazy Lady said...

Your right - that would make an excellent Christmas gift!

courtney said...

That's great news! I anxiously await more updates!

AmyD said...

I'm scared. You are pregnant, Kari's (Crazy Lady) is pregnant, hell, even DOOCE is PREGNANT.

I am SO putting a padlock on my uterus.

kristen czep said...

just catchin up on you now...your progesterone...dont worry about...just take the sups and deal with the extra tiredness and nausea! will get through this. My progesterone with Nina started out as a 3!! i f-ing 3!!! they said she was gone before she even had a chance to begin. Well, my little hellbent czepiel kept on fighting and is as headstrong to this day. I was on the progesterone also, sucked but after i think 13 weeks you can dr will let you know..i cant remember the exact week mark you can stop. are you on injectables or pills or the dreaded other way...eek!

everything is crossed for you that this is a sticky one that burrows in for a nice 9 month stay!


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