Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Don't Want to Break a Promise

I made to myself. I swore I would write an entry today. I figure, the thing about starting up a new habit is that it is a bit of a requisite to be all habity about it. And writing is a good habit. Lord knows I need some good habits to counteract the bad ones.

Though I am quite stumped as to what to write about. So I've decided to bitch. Why I thought this wouldn't be the right venue for bitchy variety writing, I havne't a clue. So here goes...

I am tired. Fucking tired. Dog tired. I feel like Tired smacked my ass and called me her bitch and has taken up residence in my brain. Spilling a few brain cells out of my ears to make room for her lava lamps and bean bag chairs.

Also? Totally Tired? While alliterative? Is SO NOT attractive. I seriously look like a fly. All eyes. At least that's how I FEEL. Maybe because my face is working so hard to keep them open, inside my head they feel fucking huge. And don't forget about the bags. Oh yes. Dudes, I have more baggage under my eye-holes that I have kicking around inside my ear-holes. And y'all know, that's a fucking lot.

So there. I wrote. And I was going to go to bed now but guess what? Bee? Is crying. Shit, I'm tired.

3 Leg Humps:

karen said...

Dude - I have been where you are! It sucks. Bigtime. My best advice is to force out two hours a week, entirely for you. I took up playing hockey, an activity that completely disconnects me - nobody can get at me on the rink with a phone call or e-mail or a request for a's bliss. I only wish I had figured it out a few years earlier! You don't need to take up hockey (although it is a LOT of fun) but you should pick something that takes you out of your house and don't take your phone. At first, it will feel scandalous and you will worry but do it anyway - you (and everyone around you) will thank you later. Even if you're tired - getting out will help return your sense of self.

Zube said...

Karen, you are so right. I do get to go out with my friends once in a while and that is SO nice! I'm not the sporty type, though I love to craft. I suppose I wish there was somewhere ELSE I could craft once in a while. It is impossible to tune things out when I'm crafting at home.

Anonymous said...

Reliv (powdered vitamins & minerals) has helped me and I'm not paid to say that. Okay, well - I am planning on becoming a distributor because this stuff actually rocks - but that's not the point.

Karen - I would LOVE to take up hockey, but organizing that seems daunting. Stupidly, because my husband sells hockey equip.'s just ice time, actually asking people to let me play - etc. What I really want to ask though - because I recognized your pic: what happened to Worst. Mama. Ever.?! I miss it!!!

- HeatherY ('cause I don't have a Google account)


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