Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Do you see her? My friend? Silhouette girl up there? I've missed her so. And somehow, some way, Amy managed to swipe her from an old account on Photobucket I'd totally forgotten I even had. Because Amy? Not only has a broom and a cape and a tiara. She has a wand, too. And a wizard hat, I'm pretty sure. The wizard hat is just my unconfirmed suspicion. She hasn't fessed up to owning one yet. Probably a good thing because I'd steal that shit. Sure, sure, I profess to be such a great person and all. But we're talking about A WIZARD HAT, people! And besides, if I were always a great person, well, that would be a HUGE waste of all of my ninja skillz. Right?

I'm hoping that by shaking things up around here and starting ENTIRELY from scratch with all of my links and gadgets and whozits and whatsits, yet tying in my enduring friend from back in the day when I, like, really blogged and had a jacked up uterus, maybe things will get moving in my head. Well, not that that has been the issue. Things move in my head ALWAYS. It's like a fucking national chain moving company up there. (A bad one, though. They break a lot of stuff. And get lost on a regular basis...) But perhaps things will flow more freely to my fingertips instead of constantly breaking down en route. Or stopping at the titty bar for a coupla beers. Damn slow movers. Ahem.

But? The really important thing? SHE IS BAAACK! I'm hoping to come back with her. And lastly, Amy rules! Just sayin'.

6 Leg Humps:

Latin Lover said...

So nice to have you back!!

You have been missed!!

Zube said...

And I have missed YOU! I've come to realize that part of what made me so funny wasn't even really me at all. But my blog buddies. :-) I miss the interaction.

Stella said...

Heh. It's not a wizard's hat. I actually have a witch's hat. BUT... I can see where you might make that mistake. ;)

I was so stoked you still had the silhouette because I was having NO LUCK finding anything as cool as that one.

Glad to see you back here!!!!

Chickie said...

Hi! Hi!

Take off your shoes and stay awhile. :)

Zube said...

Stella, DUH! Witch hat, yes. :-)

Chickie- Will do! Love no shoes! (Though I'll keep my socks on, can't stand animal hair between my toes!)

justdawn said...

I haven't had a chance to mention it yet...but I am SO, SO glad you're back. Maybe this is the inspiration I need to resurrect my own blog...


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