Sunday, January 09, 2011

It's Not an Eggsact Science

So, I've been working and working and working and have not had time to put into words what exactly it is I love about myself. I'm getting there.

But last night I was laughing about something that had happened a while ago and it gave me an idea. My friend, Chickie, posted a tale written by someone who was too embarrassed to own it. The chickie that wrote the tale? Yeah, that was me. Almost a year later, I figured I'd own up and share it. Enjoy. I hope you laugh. Hard.

3 Leg Humps:

Chickie said...

I'm glad you're owning it. Something that horribly awesomely funny is something to wear with pride!

Anonymous said...

I'm just super glad you shared it for me when I wasn't ready. It is pretty fucking funny.


Biscotti Girl said...

I'm glad you shared with me too...omg I still can't buy eggs without thinking of you! Uh, that sounded weird, but I didn't mean it to be. Honest.


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