Thursday, March 03, 2011

He's Off to Meet the Wiz...But Needs Your Help!

So, I have this theory. You're shocked, I know. Oh look, here's one of your eyeballs. I think it just rolled right out of your head. Not sure where the other one is, though.

As with many of my theories, this one does not require the donning of a tin foil hat or the use of a baby monitor. There have been no gnomes in my closet with shrinking ray guns attacking my pants. My pants happen to be fitting these days.

This theory is different.

Bro, Hoot and I have discussed extensively the fact that our baby sister, My Belle, is the coolest of us all. We theorize that awesomeness amplifies with each subsequent sibling. Right, and I am the oldest. This theory is certainly not self-serving.

I've made it abundantly clear in the past that I think my family is the bees knees. Not only my immediate family, but extended family as well. On my mother's side, there are 18 of us grandkids. We're like, twice as cool as the von Trapp family. Plus four.

On Facebook I'm able to keep up with the shenanigans of them all. Which, bash FB all you want, I love it. I don't get to drink beer regularly in their living rooms, but I can still feel like we're not 2,000 miles away from each other.

The second youngest cousin, Aaron, is a riot, and a good kid, and has me entirely convinced that this Awesomeness Amplification Theory translates to cousinry. He is the 17th cousin, and I am the 2nd. This means one of two things to you who read me. A) You think I'm pretty cool and so he must be totally out of this world awesome. Or B) You think I'm an asshole and so this kid stands a snowball's chance at being cool.

I can assure you, he is out of this world awesome and cool as a snowball.

Recently on Facebook he posted a video he'd put together for a contest he hopes to win. The winner gets to meet Wiz Khalifa. I have no frackin' idea who that is, but I'd like to help him. The video had to mention JMU going green and his entry is pretty damn clever. Here 'tis:

And this is where I ask you a favor. Just a little one. If you are on Facebook, would you mind giving him a little vote love? I try not to ask much of you all, but for a shoulder to cry on, a bit of therapy, and a laugh when I need it. Okay, so maybe I ask a lot of you, but at least in this case, someone else is the beneficiary of your kindness.

Here's how you do it:

1. Go here.
2. 'Like' the University Program Board.
3. Go to 'photos'.
4. Click on the 'videos' at the top right.
5. Scroll down to contestant #5.
6. 'Like' his video.

That's all!

In all honesty, it makes me super happy to see kids in college not only attend class, but participate in extracurricular stuff that doesn't involve the consumption of beer. My extracurricular beer consuming got in the way of my major in Deaf Education. So I failed out of college with a minor in Partying. I love when people related to me prove this is not a genetic predisposition. It gives me hope for Zee and Bee.

Thanks a bunch! Also, Aaron promises if you vote for him, you will live forever. It's worth a shot!

Did someone just say shot?

2 Leg Humps:

Dayle Winnifred said...

Consider it done!

No really - it is already done!

Zube said...

Yay! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dayle!



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