Saturday, April 23, 2005


Get out your barf bags folks, 'cause I'm about to get all sappy on your asses.

Zube Boy and I were at the bar last night with a bunch of his coworkers. One of them, Coby, announced that he will be proposing to his girlfriend soon, and naturally all of the other guys were slapping him on the back and giving him shit. He and Zube Boy chatted for a while, and I flitted about socializing, as I'm wont to do. When we were about to leave, I stopped by to congratulate Coby, and he said congratulations weren't in order yet, as he hadn't asked and she hadn't yet accepted.

Me: "Well then, good luck!"

Coby: "Thank you. You're the first person to say that."

Me: "You know, for all the shit Zube Boy and I give each other and for all the fucked up sarcastic things we say about being married, marriage is a fucking wonderful thing."

Coby: "You know what's pretty cool about the fact that you just said that? Your husband just said almost those exact words to me a few minutes ago."

Damn. I love my old man!

Uuugh. I think I just got a cavity.

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