Monday, April 25, 2005


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That's what you get when your cat is trying out for the Feline Olympics. In his sleep. While on top of your computer desk.

It was mildly amusing, I must say. Zander was cold chillin' all belly up, legs askew, dead asleep. All of the sudden, he started to sleepily roll over where nothing but air existed to roll onto. So, he landed on the keyboard. Right in front of my hands. He almost landed on my hands, but you see, I have cat-like reflexes. Unlike my, ummm, cat.

Shocked the hell out of me. Shocked the hell out of him.

And then he quickly jumped to the floor, sashayed over to the wood stove, and proceeded to lick his paw, staring at me blankly, all "What are you looking at, I didn't fall!" Only, I have proof. Squee!

Zander, you suck at kitty olympics, dude.

2 Leg Humps:

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