Monday, April 25, 2005

If We Lived on Uranus...

I would be queen. Don't ask why. That's just the way it would be. 'Kay?

And we would sing songs together on "Uranus Day." Songs like:

"Hands Across Uranus"

"We Are Uranus"


"God Bless Uranus"

There would be volunteer organizations with slogans like:

"Save Uranus"


"Clean up Uranus"

Actually, I kind of like "Keep Uranus Clean." It has a certain ring to it. We'd fight about that I'm sure, because even volunteers have to fight sometimes, I think.

Anyway, CNN would do news spots like:

"Uranus at War"


"The Atmosphere on Uranus: Why We Can Live Here and Not on Earth"

Or something like that anyway.

Oh, and the History Channel. What fun it would be to watch:

"Uranus: A Billion Years Old"


"Life on Uranus Five Thousand Years Ago"

My husband would say I was the most annoying person on Uranus. And, I would say he's the dumbest person on Uranus.

I think it would be fun. Are ya with me?

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