Saturday, May 14, 2005

Other Cast and Crew...

Edited to let anyone reading this know that I've removed photos of my family members. I had wanted to introduce them, but decided to take their pictures down. I can out myself all I want, but I didn't think it was fair to expose them to public ridicule for being related to me. And, one day upon checking out my Statcounter, I realized that someone was freakishly stalking this post. And my sisters are fucking babes. 'Nuff said.

Just because invariably, these folks are gonna appear in my blog, I'd like to introduce them to ya! They are my family and they rock the free world. And, yes, I'm biased! :)

Photo Removed

This be my Pop and his lovely wife! He rocks in every sense of the word. He lives in good old North Carolina where someday I'd like to visit him! Damn big country we live in! He sneezes when he looks at the sun.

Photo Removed

This is Mom and her man, John. I talk to my Mom like, oh, at least twice a day! I figure, if I've gotta live far away from home, at least I can talk to the fam whenevah I want! Mom, however, does not sneeze when she looks at the sun.

Photo Removed

My brother and his lovely wife, K. Bro is the coolest guy on earth. So, in case you were ever wondering who the coolest guy on earth is, now you know. Bro, like Mom, does not sneeze when he looks at the sun either.

Photo Removed

My sister, Hoot. She's a fucking riot. Love this girl. Love, I tell ya. We like to shoot the breeze about love, politics, and ridiculousness. I'm jealous of her boobs. She does sneeze when she looks at the sun.

Photo Removed

My Belle is the baby sis to us all. She hardly ever laughs at me when I do crazy things like call her and ask her if she sneezes when she looks at the sun (which she does, in case you were wondering). In fact, she then goes on to investigate such matters because we read on the internet that if you do sneeze when you look at the sun, it means one of your parents must 'cause it's hereditary.

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Unknown said...

Love your blog. Too funny about the sneezing. I do that, and 2 of my 4 kids do too. Guess they got it from me! :)


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