Monday, May 16, 2005

What a Nice Sunn..un..un..Ah..Aahh..ACHOO!

I sneeze when I look right at the sun or a bright light. In fact, when I've got one of those pesky little sneezes that won't come out, I run to the nearest lamp or window, stare directly into the light or sun, and out it comes. I love sneezing. It's weird. Not that sneezing is weird, but how much I love it is a bit off. I've often heard it likened to an orgasm. Rather, orgasms are likened to sneezes, but chicken and egg. Whatever. They feel good afterwards, and you're still employed if you sneeze at work. An orgasm. Not so much. Aaaaaanyway...

Zube Boy and I have gotten into fights about this while I'm running around the house turning on lamps trying to coax out an Achoo. As if we don't have enough to fight about. He insists that it's all in my head. The fact that "Well, it works whether or not it's all in my head," wasn't a good enough defense for me because this was one fight I wanted to win.

It occurred to me that maybe not everyone sneezes when they look at the sun, so I called up My Belle and Hoot and asked them if they do. After giggling for a minute because with no other polite phone-greeting, I said, "Okay, so do you sneeze when you look at the sun?" they replied, "Yeah, actually." Hmmm...

I investigated a little bit, and found this website. Verrrrrry interesting stuff. My Belle did a little research of her own and asked all of our family members. Since the trait is thought to be hereditary, we asked Mom. Mom had no idea what the hell we were talking about, so that would be a no. Bro was like, "Ooooookay. As if it's not bad enough for me to have three sisters, now you're all crazy." That would also be a no.

My Belle was left to ask Dad. Kind of funny, cause you know, Dad already thinks we're a bit off our rockers, but hell, he raised us. If the info on the website was correct, we had to inherit the sun-sneezing gene from someone. In Dad's e-mail reply to My Belle's query he said, "I really don't know where you girls come up with this stuff, but yes. I do, in fact, sneeze when I look at the sun."

Hah! I can't tell you how happy we were to learn this. It is NOT in fact ALL IN MY HEAD. Well. It actually is all in my head. But, biologically. Not psychotically.

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