Tuesday, May 24, 2005

Peeling Out

Zube Girl: Hi Honey.

Zube Boy: Oh hi.

ZG: You're never gonna guess what happened to me this morning.

ZB: Do tell.

ZG: Well, I was on my way to work thinking about how much I love you-

ZB: Pfffbt!

ZG: Shoosh. So, I was on my way to work, and I ran over a banana.

ZB: Oh God.

ZG: I really felt pretty awful about it.

ZB: Are you okay?

ZG: Yeah, I guess so. I mean, a banana just layin' in the middle of the street has gotta have some sort of a death wish, you know?

ZB: Yeah, but still. It's not like it could've changed it's mind and gotten out of the way or anything.

ZG: Whatever. I'm not gonna feel guilty about it. Hell, it would've gotten eaten eventually if I hadn't run it over.

ZB: I guess so.

ZG: But, that's not really why I called.

ZB: Sweet Jesus! There's more?

ZG: Hello. Yes! So, the Senate came to a compromise.

ZB: I know. Are you happy.

ZG: Well, yeah. I mean at least they can still fillibuster Superme Court nominees.

ZB: I know honey.

ZG: Actually, I'm almost too happy. Watching CSPAN for 10 hours yesterday got me really scared.

ZB: I don't know how you can watch that shit. It's so boring.

ZG: It feels more like real news somehow. Although I did click over to Fox every once in a while just to get myself all riled up.

ZB: Heh.

ZG: I've got to get back to work.

ZB: Me too.

ZG: Love ya.

ZB: Ditto.

ZG: Okay, Patrick Swayze.

ZB: Buh bye.

ZG: Bye.

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