Sunday, June 19, 2005

If You Can Clean Butt Plugs That Way...

As I'm lounging in the bedroom twirling my hair, reading a book, I hear squawking in my husband's general direction.

Zube Boy: Honey!

Zube Girl: Hmmm...


Girl: Yeah?

Boy: HONEY!!! Come here!!!

Girl: *I throw down my book and storm into the kitchen* What in the fuck is all this yelling about?

Boy: What is this?

Girl: What's what?

Boy: This? This thing right here!

Girl: It's a flip flop? What of it?

Boy: Why?

Girl: It was dirty.

Boy: But, but...why?

Girl: I figured...

Boy: In there! You thought you would put it in THERE!

Girl: Yeah! They came out rather squeaky clean, dontchya think?

Boy: IN THERE! With my coffee mug!?!?

Girl: Well, I read...

Boy: Woman...

Girl: Yes?

Boy: You're gonna drive me to drinking.

Girl: Thanks for emptying the dishwasher. You never do that.

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