Sunday, June 12, 2005

This Mug's For You

Zube Girl: Hi!

Zube Boy: Oh, hi honey.

Girl: I'm at Ready, Paint, Fire! hanging out with the ladies. I'll be home in a little while.

Boy: Are you making me a corny mug?

Girl: *stares at the corny mug she is in the process of making for him*

Boy: Honey?

Girl: You suck donkey dick.

Boy: Heh.

Girl: You ruined the surprise!

Boy: I'll still be surprised when I see it.

Girl: Yes, I'm going to make a lovely mug, and then bash you right the fuck over the head with it.

Boy: I love you!

Girl: I can't even change it now! I already put your name on it...

Boy: Me love you long time.

Girl: Hate. Hate, honey.

Boy: Awwww.

Girl: I'll see you when I get home. If I ever come home that is.

Boy: I'm anxiously awaiting you're arrival.

Girl: Wear a helmet.

Boy: As usual.

Girl: Bye.

Boy: Bye.

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