Wednesday, June 15, 2005

When in Rome...Erm...I Mean Mexico

Many moons ago, I visited the family of a foreign exchange student who lived with our family my senior year of high school. Vanessa rocked and my tender and sheltered high school nerdy self was awed by her tequila drinking capabilities.

Every once in a while on this trip, I played the stupid American (or just plain was a stupid American, you be the judge).


Vanessa's Mom asked me how I enjoyed laying out in the sun:

I meant to say: Muy Bien! Voy a estar morena!

Translation*: Very well! I am going to be brown!

I said: Muy Bien! Voy a estar mojada!

Translation: Very well! I am going to be purple!


A very nice gentleman I didn't know held the door for me.

I meant to say: "Gracias cabellero!"

Translates: Thank you gentleman!

I said: "Gracias caballo!"

Translates: Thank you horse!


The waitor handed me a Spanish menu, and I did my best to read it, and memorize my answer so I didn't have to point. It was like a fun little challenge. I should've pointed.

I meant to say: "Quiero el pollo, por favor."

Translates: I want the chicken, please.

I said: "Quiero el bollo, por favor."

Translates: I want the pussy, please.

Heh. The waitor very kindly walked away, and returned with an English menu, and Vaness and all of her gal pals were laughing and crying so much so that it was difficult for them to tell me what I'd just said.


*Bear with me folks. These are loose translations, as my Spanish could use some brushing up.

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Anonymous said...

Mojada , my lovely Zube Girl is wet.. Morada , I think , is the word you are looking for.Different dialects for us Mexicoans, Than the rest of the latino world.. also morada means " dwelled" as well, so it's hard to be sure of that word, but the fact is..if you were laying in the sun , you were correct at saying you were going to be mojada.. sweat and stuff. By the way, I love your blog. I have laughed my ass off for half the night.Yes, I lead an exciting life.

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