Thursday, July 28, 2005

Big Foot Is My Man

Z-Boy: Honey?

Z-Girl: Yeah?

Z-Boy: The doctor said you should give me massages throughout the day to help me get better.

Z-Girl: Hmmmm...


Z-Boy: Honey?

Z-Girl: Uh huh?

Z-Boy: The doctor told me that my only hope for recovery would be if my wife would make me cookies.

Z-Girl: Ahhhh...


Man, oh man, oh man. This whole sickness and health thing is hard fucking work! And, the disrobing of the foot turned my stomach. Fucking ewwwwwwww and owwwwww, which I guess would be pronounced something like eowwwwww! They believe he's torn some tendons that, you know, hold his bones together. I've got some photos that don't even do it justice. Just know that where his foot looks yellow? Yeah. That is no malfunction of the camera.

We're probably looking at surgery, but we'll find out for sure on Monday when the doctor looks at the MRI. This is gonna be one long fucking haul.

17 Leg Humps:

PaintingChef said...

Patrick tore a bunch of tendons in his ankle a few years back (also four wheeling related...) and the surgery and recovery wasn't all that bad according to him. But he was in SERIOUS pain until he had it done.

And I can guarandamntee that there was no foot rubbing involved. His looked a lot like ZB's and there was NOT going to be any touching or rubbing of the yellow foot by me.

La Bona said...

Uhmmm got me thinking about that huh?

Nice blog … Keep it up.

By the way, do you think Christianity is a cult?

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Zube Girl said...

PaintingChef- Oh, I am way too scared to touch it! It's uncanny what we've got in common!

La Bona- You know, I really don't think Chrisitianity is "Any One Word in Particular." It's many things to many people. Just saying, in case you check back and aren't just, you know, spamming for traffic.

Anduin said...

My husband went through this last year. He didn't have any torn tendons although they thought he might. He was out of order for several days and it was a long healing process. I think it still hurts him when he runs. Hopefully Z-Boy doesn't need surgery and gets better really fast. Good luck Z-Boy, we're rooting for you!

zazzafooky said...

Ouch! In 10 years, my guy has never been sick or injured and I've never had to cater his ass.

Redemption is coming, I know it and it'll be something big!!!


Cassiopeia said...

I did that last fall. I only started to run last week! Crutches for 2 1/2 months; then a cane for 2 months. No surgery. It was a looooong recovery. (I'm not trying to make you hate me :).)

I tore ligaments, my foot was purple to my knee for more than a month. I know exactly what ZubeBoy's going through.

My boyfriend was very supportive throughout the whole ordeal.

I was the biggest pain in the ass....I never tried the massage thing though! Damn he's good! lol

Here's a pic of my foot.

Cassiopeia said...

Bah! I'm sorry for hijacking your comments! I should have set the target on that link...

Zube Girl said...

Cassiopeia- I'm a little confused by what you mean on hijacking my comments? :-) And whatever you mean, you can be sure I don't mind!

junebee said...

Ooh, torn tendons sounds real ugly. From what I heard that is harder to heal than a broken bone. It sure looks painful.

You could just do the slice 'n' bake cookies. Do you think ZubeBoy would fall for that?

LaLa Lisa said...

Eeew! Yuck! Ouch! I did something similiar to my foot a few years back. I learned the following: cute high heel shoes + massive amounts of alcohol + big pothole + clumsy Lisa = crutches and a cast. Oh, and I had a stick shift at the time. It sucked!! :) Hope the hubby heals quickly for his and your sake (because men are so whiney when sick or hurt).

Cassiopeia said...

I just meant the link I left in my comment opened in the same window. That's all, and I'm sorry :).

Geez...I'm lookin' at Zube Boys' foot again...and it's making me twinge.

I hope he recovers quickly. They say surgery helps speed the healing time.

Croaker said...

Not to mention all those cookies will be swelling his mid-section.

kyknoord said...

Amazing. I never knew that the foot could be used for milking. Learn something new every day.

Rick said...

every time you walk into the room to answer his cries for help, carry a bone saw. bet they'll stop directly.

us married guys would be homeless and diseased and malnurished without our wives. trust me.

Zube Girl said...

Anduin- He said it is very painful. He wishes he'd have broken it, because then it would have been set and cast in the ER. Oh well.

TJ- He has told me that when I do get pregnant, it'll be payback time for him. :-)

Cassiopeia- You know he's not too bad. I'm still in the 'lucky he's alive' frame of mind, so I really don't mind. And your foot looks awful! Zube Boy told me his has gotten worse since that photo. That's the thing, it's not getting better yet. A week later. Which makes me think it's serious.

Junebee- It does look painful. You know, those cookies are a good idea. He's actually kidding when he says this stuff, but it might be nice to make those. I had a bit of a meltdown yesterday realizing just how long two months (at the very least) is going to be.

Anyway, he feels bad that I'm left to do *everything* else. Feed him, the animals, keep house, take out the garbage, la la la. He's being pretty good about it actually.

Lala Lisa- Oh. my. god. do I know the cute shoes and booze injuries! I didn't need crutches, but why can't those things go together??? :-)

Croaker- Ah, you are right about that! All those cookies, and no exercise! Hmmm...

Kyknoord- You have given me a great idea. Next time he asks for something, I'm going to say moo.

Rick- That is a tremendous compliment. Don't get me wrong, he builds and fixes stuff, but I'm in the department of nourishing! Which, come on. Sustenance people. (I can't be bothered to look up how to spell sustenance, so there)

Kjersten said...

I love the little bandaid on the big owwie!

Zube Girl said...

Kjersten- For real. As if the band aid makes a BIG difference. I've been meaning to ask him what's up with that and if he put it on, or the doctors. Heh.


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