Friday, July 15, 2005

But, It's an Emergenceeeee...WAH!!!

(555) 555-5555


Zube Girl: Come on, Mom…


Girl: Please be home…


Girl: Please…

Hello…You have reached…

Girl- Dammit...I’ll try her cell phone.

(123) 456-7890


Girl: She’s gotta answer her cell...


Girl: What in the hell is she doing?


Girl: Grr…

Hi! This is Mom's cell phone…

Girl: Well, what in the hell am I supposed to do now?

An hour later…


Girl: Hello?

Mom: Hey, were you trying to call me?

Girl: Yes!

Mom: What’s up?

Girl: Well, I was in the grocery store which was crowded as all get out, and I didn’t know where to find corn starch. I figured that’s the kind of thing Moms know.

Mom: Why didn't you ask one of the people who work there?

Girl: Did you hear me say 'crowded as all get out'? And besides, you know how much I hate asking people questions.

Mom: Except for me.

Girl: Aw, you love it Mom.

Mom: Yeah, I know. Did you find it?

Girl: Yup. Baking aisle.

Mom: You know gravy is better when you make it with corn starch instead of flour?

Girl: Huh, I didn’t know that.

Mom: Okay, well, sorry I didn't answer.

Girl: S'allright. Love ya.

Mom: Love you, too.

Girl: Bye.

Mom: Bye.

10 Leg Humps:

PaintingChef said...

Moms are good for that kind of shit. Yay Zube mom!

Zube Girl said...

Mom's rock. Thing is, when I become a Mom, I wonder if I'll automatically figure things out, such as where the corn starch is stored in the grocery store!

Cassiopeia said...

Mom's are great for that. I don't know what I'd do without mine.

"How long do you cook this for...?"

"What temperature do I cook this at...?"

"How do you make this...?"

But the best was that my mom was a nurse. So I get bonuses!

I don't think mom's mind. It makes them feel important.

Zube Girl said...

Cassiopeia- Totally. It's a running joke that every year I call her on Thanksgiving morning to get the recipe for stuffing.

I don't remember on purpose, because I figure if I can't travel the 2,000 miles to be at her Thanksgiving dinner, the least I can do is get eight 10-minute phone calls!

Shrinking Wop said...

I'm sorry but there is a serious sitcom pilot in your life. Between flinging poo and things like this.....

I wish someone would fling poo in my neighborhood. I could use the material.

Helen said...

Off topic:
Thanks you so much for your kindness.

zazzafooky said...

I love your little slices ;-)

Zube Girl said...

Shrinking Wop- Heh. My sister lived with us one summer, and she said it was like watching a tv show 24 hours a day.

Helen- No problem.

TJ- Thanks!

sk said...

I call my mom EVERY TIME I made gravy. WTF? Why can't I remember that crap.

And FYI..I'm a mom. I am AMAZED at how many answer I know now...and how much shit I just make up!

peg said...

ZUBE! You just don't know how exciting that post was! I mean.... Wow!



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