Friday, July 15, 2005

Zack, Zack, He's a Pooping Maniac! Or Not...

Zube Girl: Okay, Zack. I need you to fess up. Did you poop in Psycho Twat's yard?
Zack: Who me?

Girl: Yes, you.

Zack: Well, you see, I don't really remember where I poop. I mean, come on, you should understand given the fact that one of your nicknames for me is Peabrain. Anyway, I've done a little sleuthing, and snapped this photo...

Zack: As you can see, sometimes my buddies come over and I can't be responsible for knowing where they poop. We're just dogs, Mom. Geez. Nature calls and we answer. That's about the extent of thinking that goes into it.

Girl: Yeah, I know. I sure am glad you got that photo though. Wanna biscuit?

Zack: Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes. Oh my god. You're the best Mom a dog could ever ask for...Ooh, would you rub my belly, too? I promise, I'll never, never, never poop over there.

Girl: Whatever, Peabrain. You'll forget that promise in, like, two seconds.

Zack: Okay, okay. But with the biscuit. Get on that, lady. I'm hungry.

PS- I want to thank EVERYONE for their advice on the nose-punching incident. If you'll hang in there, I promise the Zube's will be back to their usual crazy antics!

6 Leg Humps:

Chris & Cheryl said...

Awww, what a precious doggie. He looks like the sweetest dog.

Blog ho said...

want a biscuit. that was funny. those dogs look like dingos.

Zube said...

Anduin- Thanks!

Blog Ho- It's all about the bisuits. I bribe my dog to love me.

Kjersten said...

Cute windchimes... your picture makes me a homesick for the west :(

By the way, zack is a beautiful dog, what kind is he (I suppose 99% of people would prob be able to tell from the pic, but I am breed illiterate)... I want to know so I can try to talk Greg into letting me have one.

Zube said...

Kjersten- I love, love, love windchimes.

He's a weimarainer (not sure how to spell that). They are both great dogs, and pains in the ass dogs. He's wonderful with the cats, which I actually read after I got him that you're not supposed to have cats with them. They're a German hunting breed, and have been known to kill other animals. I think it made a difference that we got him at six weeks, and at that time he was smaller than Zander.

They are very protective, and make excellent guard dogs. They're extremely active, and get really bored and chew stuff if you're not active, too. This is tough for us in the winter because he's a short hair, and gets cold in the snow so our activity dwindles a little during that time. Though, he makes up for it in the summer running up to 5 miles alongside us while we offroad.

I'd read up on them. He really is great, but it's a very labor intensive breed. He's four years old now, and I've been told that three years is the magical semi-mellow age for these guys. It was true for us. You'd definitely want to take them to obedience training as puppies. But, they love the attention, and love to work.

Kjersten said...

Hm, sounds like I may need to wait until I leave the this area before getting a dog like that. If I'm really lucky maybe that'll happen soon... I'll research in the mean time. Thx for the great info!


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