Thursday, July 14, 2005

The Poo-Flinger: Parte Dos

If you haven't already, you'll want to read the post below, or this won't make sense.

So, there was blood everyfuckingwhere...Zube Boy, thankfully, walked away and said, "Call 911."

Which I did. I was in a panic. Psycho Twat had retreated to his house and I wasn't concerned about another confrontation, but I was so shook up to witness Zube Boy getting walloped in the face by a grown man. And ugh. The blood.

The county sheriff's department must've been beside themselves with joy having something other than your run of the mill DUI to police. Two cars showed up, and a fire truck with an EMT crew to ascertain whether or not Zube Boy's nose was broken. It wasn't.

Here's the thing. We're struggling with whether or not to actually follow through with the pressing of the charges. I mean, we've got to live next to this guy and things were already bad, but maybe if we drop the charges, he’ll realize what a huge favor we did him. It was a third degree assault charge, and the fine is upwards of $1,000.

We were going to say forget it last night, but the police officer said to just leave it be for now. Psycho Twat's court date is set for September 14th and he is required to leave us alone between now and then, otherwise it would be intimidation, which is a felony. We can drop the charges any time before that date.

I’m trying to be super fair in my head about this. I mean, it’s gotta suck being the only guy in the neighborhood who doesn’t have a dog. But, that’s just the way things are in this neighborhood. We happen to live in the one section of town where homes can be purchased for under $300,000. I mean, I know we’re not entirely innocent in this scenario, but palming someone in the nose is just out of hand.

We've got two months to figure it out. I'm just not sure what to do.

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PaintingChef said...

That is DEFINITELY a tough one. What a fuckhead of a neighbor. I mean COME. ON. Dogs shit. It's an imperfect world. You are only allowed to get pissed if someone's dog shits in your yard and they don't clean it up if you live in a pooper-scooper society (which I do, but some places aren't)

Either way, its going to be not good from here on out. I guess you have to look at what you would gain by pressing charges and see how it weighs out compared to making an enemy for life who also happens to live next door to you.

That fucking SUCKS.

Zube said...

Painting Chef- Yeah. We're totally leaning towards dropping them. It's just some of our friends are all riled up and like, "Why? He's a menace..." But, as you said, we really wouldn't gain anything.

The thing is, we do have a dog runner that we used to always put Zack on so he wouldn't wander. But, then dogs end up wandering in our yard up to him, and he can't even defend his own terf. The wandering dogs proceed to kick his ass 'cause he's the wimp on the leash.

I dunno. I just hate doing that to him, but we're going to have to for a little while.

Blog ho said...

fuck him. cock sucker deserves a court date. you are the victim here! well, your man is. you both are, but he was the strikee.

this would be a good lesson for dickey neighbor to learn to keep his hands to himself.

and get a gun ;)

just kidding about the gun.

but get one.

Kjersten said...

Bravo to you for getting in the middle of it, I'd like to think that I would have done the same thing. I can't stand ignorant assholes trying to push people around.

If the guy was a total jerk when you were nice to him, how much worse could it get if you let him go to court? At least he'll get what's coming to him.

junebee said...

You could go ahead and press the charges. Do you have your own Zube- lawyer or do you have to use some worthless sack of shit appointed by the court? Either way, you should talk to said scumbag lawyer about pressing the charges but waiving the 1,000.00 fine in lieu of Fucktwat or whatever his name is having to pay to erect a HUGE fence between your yards (if zoning laws allow). If this won't work, another tact is that you could gather statements from all your neighbors about what a dickhead this guy has been all these years. That bolsters your case that this one person is an asshole and the rest of the neighbors pretty much all get along and have suffered his misdirected wrath. The major downside to pressing the charges (other than further aggravating this psycho) is he could decide to poison your pets. Revolting to think of, I know, but it's happened. Still, you shouldn't have to be bullied by a lunatic literally in your own front yard.

If you haven't already and it's within your moral code (and state law), I would seriously consider adopting a household member from the wonderful world of firearms.

All in all, a totally unZubelike neighbor :(

One Crafty Chick said...

Definately take him to court. I like the fence idea too. Good fences make good neighbors...(or something like that. You might also consider a restraining order. Sucky neighbors really suck.

Rick said...

going against the grain, i think leaning on the side of letting it go is best. wait 'til the day before if you need - see if things change in his demeanor and stuff.

Anonymous said...

Speaking as a teacher, I have a feeling that this guy has always been this way, and it's time someone held him accountable for violence.

I realize that a "big" person would let it go, and Rick above has a point, but on the complete other hand, arguing is one thing, hitting is another.

Maybe he'll move.

Zube said...

Blog Ho- Yeah. I got home from work today, and Zube Boy said now he's leaning toward pressing charges. Basically, his opinion is that someone needs to show this guy he can't just intimidate and physically threaten people without consequences.

And with the gun. Heh.

Kjersten- Honestly, when I jumped in the middle, I kind of couldn't believe it myself. Sometimes I wish I could conjure up the strength I have to defend the ones I love for myself!

Junebee- All good advice, as always. He actually almost got into a fistfight with the guy who owns, but doesn't live in, two other houses in our little caldesac. This guy is about 50ish, and sweet as can be. I bet I could get him to write something up.

One Crafty Chick- Sucky neighbors, do indeed suck! Thanks for stopping by and commenting.

Rick- I totally see where you're coming from. This is a tough decision.

SK- Accountability is something everyone needs to learn, eh? I remember my Mom marching me into school to fess up for some little stunt I'd pulled. Nowadays (hee, that makes me feel old) it seems parents defend their children no matter what.

Anonymous said...


Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

If this guy gets away with hitting someone in an argument he is losing, what does that teach him? He was wrong, he was uncivilized, he did something illegal, he hurt someone you love, plus flung poo at your home, and he gets off? Clearly he's a bully and not a very level-headed one. Can you find out if he has a record? If he does, then clearly the law needs to come down hard on him this time. If he doesn't have a record, then someone needs to be the one to give him that record. I wonder how many people he bullies and gets away with it?

Frankly, I don't see him ever baking a pie for you and being a "good neighbor." He's not going to shovel your driveway or dog-sit when you go on vacation. He's always going to be a menace and you might as well draw the line now. Before he does irreparable damage.

Good luck, whatever you decide.

kyknoord said...

The guy isn't normal - in the worst possible way. You've tried being nice to him, so now it's time to show him some Zube steel.

Chris & Cheryl said...

I had a psycho neighbor that lived downstairs directly below me. She was a real bitch, pounding on the ceiling anytime I would make a sound. We never got physical, but did end up doing a citizens arrest on each other. The day after the court appearance, she vandalized our car with eggs and baby shit, tying the used diaper to the door of our car. There was no getting through to her to just stop being a nuisance. If I had a gun, it would have been a different story. I hope things get better for you and your neighbors. A fence around your property might be the best thing to do.

Debi said...

Zube pooh or no Zube pooh....there is no excuse for acting like an animal and hitting ANYONE! Press charges all the way hon!

Zube said...

Anonymous- Howdy.

Librarian E- Even if he did bake us a pie, you can be sure I wouldn't eat that fucking thing! Arsenic-laced, for sure.

Kynoord- I'm busting out my, erm, ovaries of steel, and Zube Boy's got his balls of steel!

Anduin- Seriously, having shitty neighbors just blows. Life is too short.

Debi- Thanks for the comment!

peg said...

I believe the "worthless sack of shit [Lawyer] appointed by the court" would be for the defense. The Zubes would be represented by a District Attorney (or equivalent... we have a Commonwealth's Attorney here). At least, that's the way I understand it.

Anonymous said...

If Shawn kicks the neighbor's ass do you think Zube Boy would fix our alternater?
Just a thought...
Seriously, I wouldn't back down. You guys did the right thing all the way through this.

Gabrielle said...

Press charges. You drop them and this guy isn't going to think "Hey, they did me a favor!" He's going to think "Hey, I can do whatever I like." Fact is, he assaulted Z-Boy and he deserves to go to court.

Fingers crossed for you that he'll move.


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