Sunday, July 10, 2005

So Sweet

I'm not feeling very creative today, so I'm just going to post a love note I put in our local paper on Valentine's Day. I'm like a legend at my husband's work now. People I don't even know will meet me and say, "Oh my god, are you the one who wrote the poem? I loved it!" Hee. Enjoy.

Zube Boy,

On a warm day in June
You made me your wife
To love and cherish
For the rest of your life

It’s been nine months
And I think it is time
To sell all your stuff
My sweet Valentine

Pete warned you about it
So don’t look forlorn
Your tubing bender and welder
Just don’t match our d├ęcor

The 84 CJ and 52 Dodge
Will soon reside in someone else’s garage

Your hobbies are messy
And make everything smell oily
But don’t worry, Honey,
I’ll replace your jigsaw with a doily

I’ve been so busy at work
And haven’t done it
But being married means your wife
Gets to sell all your…

Just kidding! I love you and all the junk you came with!

Zube Girl

8 Leg Humps:

junebee said...

What about Zack, Zoe, and Zander? Were they jointly acquired after the marriage?

PaintingChef said...

That is just priceless! I printed it out and showed it to Patrick. He laughed his ass off.

Zube Girl said...

Junebee- Zander was mine before we started dating. Zack and Zoey were acquired after we moved in together. Thing is, the cats are mine, since I insisted on getting them. Zube Boy is allergic to cats (but, I always catch him cuddling with them when he thinks I'm not looking). Zack was a mutual thing, so he's more ours. Though he goes to work with Zube Boy and spends a lot more time with him.

PaintingChef- I think the funniest is the picture I posted with it. I just look like I'm conniving some plan, like, I don't know, selling his shit!

And even funnier, all these people from his work started calling him and asking if they could buy his cars, so he actually thought I'd put an ad in the paper. It was awesome. Truth is, I love his toys because they make for our house slowly but surely getting nicer, and fun offroading trips.

Helen said...

This is so......lovingly cute! You just got my battle vote!

Zube Girl said...

Helen- Thanks for the comment, and the vote! ;-) Peace to you, too.

kyknoord said...

Love the photo: "My fellow citizens, it is with pride that I accept your nomination as candidate. Allow me to introduce my drop-dead sexy running mate..."

Zube Girl said...

Kyknoord- Thanks! Given the smile on his face, I bet you'd have trouble imagining that this man who seems to be so happy at his wedding acted like I was sticking bamboo shoots under his fingernails while I was planning the event.

Doesn't like attention, my ass!

Jaws said...

LOL very cute


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