Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Things That Blow

Z-Boy: Honey, mwah?!

Z-Girl: No.

Z-Boy: But, mwah?!

Z-Girl: No. Stop blowing kisses at me.

Z-Boy: Why, my honey?

Z-Girl: Because I don't blow kisses when I'm pissed off.

Z-Boy: What do you blow?

Z-Girl: Chunks.

Z-Boy: Damn. I was hoping it was something else.

Z-Girl: Watch your step, ass monkey. You're on thin ice as it is.

5 Leg Humps:

kyknoord said...

Mrs K blows my paycheque when she's annoyed with me. What did he do, by the way?

Zube Girl said...

Ha! I'll have to try that. I wanted a screenhouse for our pop-up camper, and he said it would be too much of a pain in the ass to put up, considering we usually only go for a day or two. I was pouty for the rest of the evening.

Amy said...

Finally! Someone else who calls their husband an ass monkey!!!!
Good for you! ;o)

Phil said...

Z-Boy should really think about things from now on. I mean, if a girl is so pissed she won't even blow kisses, does he really want her teeth near certain things?


Zube Girl said...

Amy- Yeah, sometimes Asshole just gets old!

Phil- No doubt!


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