Friday, August 19, 2005

My Husband, The Asshole

After reading my previous entry, Zube Boy felt a twinge of guilt.

Z-Boy: Honey, smile!

Z-Girl: What are you doing?

Z-Boy: I feel bad that I always take fucked up pictures of you. Smile. I'll take a nice one.

Z-Girl: Wellllllll. Okay. *Smiles Nicely*


Z-Boy: Ooh, honey. You look pretty.

Z-Girl: Really?! Let me see...

Z-Girl: Fucker.

In case you can't tell, that would be a picture of my ass. What a waste of a cute smile.

After slapping him silly, he gave it another go...

It's an okay shot. I really don't have much by way of an upper lip, at least when I smile. Which, thankfully, I usually am, so I'm all good with the trade off.

However, I'm sad that you can't read my most favorite shirt EVAH! It's a cartoon drawing of a factory and it says, "The Best Girls are from NEW JERSEY." That's right bitches. I represent.

11 Leg Humps:

jules said...

I was actually just looking at your picts when you left me a comment! Go NJ!

NoSmypahty said...

ZUBE fopr President dammit!@

Lub u :)

Zube Girl said...

Jules- That's right. Go NJ!

Nosympathy- Ah, if I were President, the world would be a scary, albeit, honest place.

crowww said...

LOL, I've enjoyed my stay here:)

Kn@ppster said...

'sall right. The pic of your ass makes up for the missing t-shirt slogan.


mothergoosemouse said...

LOL - the ass shot is something my husband would have done to me too.

NJ is the shit. You go girl.

Kjersten said...

Very cute picture of your face... your ass is cute too, but I'm not going to admit that because I'm jealous. :)

Zube Girl said...

Crowww- You're pretty damn funny yourself! Checked out your blog. Thanks for checking out mine.

Knappster- Yeah, but with the slogan! I love it.

Mother Goosemouse- Husband's are pains in the asses, eh? :-) Jersey girls rule.

Kjersten- Oh, don't be jealous. The profile may look okay, but if he'd taken a direct shot, you would surely be feeling a bit better!

Cassiopeia said...

You take a good picture. :) My boyfriend will do that too. Ask me to smile, then take a picture of a lamp!

zazzafooky said...

He snapped you right, both times ;-)

Zube Girl said...

Cassiopeia- Yeah. Zube boy will say smile and then zoom in really close on my nose/boobs/feet/whatever. It's actually kind of amusing, but don't tell him I said that.

TJ- That's right! :-)


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