Saturday, August 06, 2005

On the (Off)Road Again...

Big black gimp shoe and all, I can't seem to keep him from offroading! Actually, it's kind of nice to see him getting out and about. The injury had him laying on the couch for a bit, so it's awesome to see my Zube Boy all mobile and shit. We've only got about a month before cold weather descends upon us up here in the mountains, so he might as well get in all the offroading he can.

His crutches are hidden somewhere in the car. I tried to get him to show them off, but he wasn't having it!

I must say, Zube Boy looks pretty damn happy to be out o' the prison, erm, I mean, house!

4 Leg Humps:

junebee said...

Looks like he's ready for even more fun 'n' games! Have a good time before the snow sets in. We'll still be sweating here in FL.

Zube Girl said...

Junebee- We sure try! Sometimes I get tired of so much winter. If we didn't both work in ski industry related jobs it would be nice to vacation somewhere warm in the winter time.

Unfortunately, neither of us are allowed to vacation while the ski resort is open. Eh well.

jessica said...

my deepest sympathy to anyone forced to wear the "boot". spent some time in one for a while after surgery... it was terrible. here's to a healthy recovery for mr zube and all the patience in the world to you ;)

surfed here through BE and i love your site-

Zube Girl said...

Jessafran- Thanks! He needs all the good healing vibes he can get. :-)


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