Saturday, August 27, 2005

This and That

-All of the Z-Pets went to the vet today to get check-ups before their new little sister comes home. They got all kinds of shots and Zack got to wear a muzzle. Whee! He has a special yellow file with the word 'CAUTION' plastered inside and out. His hate affair with the vet started four years ago when we waltzed into the vet's office to get his nads removed, and as standard operating procedure, Mr. Veterinarian grabbed the offending testicles. Let's just say Zack no likey that very much. Now he's considered dangerous. Go figure. I'm not a boy, but I think I would bite someone who was collecting my balls in their hands. Anyway...

Zander is not handling the vaccinations so well. He's yakked twice and has the runs. He looks so sad and lethargic. I'm actually talking all motherese to him while cleaning up his puke instead of cussing and bitching. That's how pathetic he's looking. Poor kitty.

Zoey is just fucking indestructible and unaffected. It scares me sometimes.

-I'm really hoping I didn't see the cute little kid who always wacks our weeds for $5 bucks steal a fountain soda from 7-11 this morning. The guy at the register was chatting on the phone with whom I can only imagine was his bitch, given the shit-eating grin on his mug, while antsy patrons shifted and fidgeted just wanting to buy their 2% milk al-fucking-ready. Anyway, Cute Neighbor Kid walked right by the line with his soda, said, "Hi!" to me, and kept on going right out the door. But, he seems like such an aspiring little entrepreneur and a hard worker, albeit a shitty weed wacker, that I'm going to assume he prepaid.

-Things like this piss me off. French fries aren't good for you!?!? No way! I'm so glad you've warned me because I've been living in a dark, tv-less, newspaperless hole for so long I would have been UTTERLY astonished to find myself unhealthy after eating french fries for dinner every other night. Hot damn. Thanks for the warning label! Legislation like this makes me a little embarrassed to be a Democrat. I hate all the damn laws protecting people from themselves. For fuck's sake, people. Get your head out of your ass. Anywaaaaaay...

-Any Republicans who read that last statement and got a little excited thinking maybe I'll convert...Not happenin'. Believe me, if my Republican husband has given up, so should you. Libertarians, however, I'm all ears.

-That Republican husband mentioned above? He called me a vile wench today. I laughed. Hard.

Have a good one! Feel free to share a this or that with me...

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Helen said...

I still would like to see a label that tells me when I'm eating genetically modified foods!

junebee said...

Wow, all pets at the vet at the same time! Now that's multi-tasking. Hope Zander feels better soon. Get well, kitty.

Anonymous said...

Vile wench? I think that's a term of endearment. At least I have to hope it is... I hear things like it enough around here. Well, I know he thinks it at least.

Poor kitty... and I can't blame Zack. I worked at a vet for a while, and there were LOTS of male dogs who never forgave that particular insult. I'm going to go try it on Dutch Oven and see if he bites me.

I'll keep you and Zack updated.

Anonymous said...

Well, I tried it, and he didn't bite me.

When I got up and headed for the computer, he said "Why do I know I'm not going to like this?"

Oh well... I was hoping to have an excuse for the muzzle. On the other hand, I might get lucky now, so everything has its advantages. :)

Anonymous said...

Grabs nads, mentions muzzle, has new pair of dominatrix heels - it's going to be an intersting evening.

Anonymous said...

On second thought


Anonymous said...

You had his balls removed ?

Well of course he hates the vet, I mean this is vile evil of the vilest evilest sort.

Good God woman, it's a wonder he doesn't use the vet's leg as a fire hydrant out of spite !

Phil said...

Some vets are just assholes. The first vet we took our dog, Panda, to started off fine. Then one day, she decided it was necessary to grab him by the neck, throw him to the floor, and sit on him while she muzzled him. Apparently she got bit by another dog earlier that week, so was muzzling ALL dogs that came in. Needless to say, we switched vets right away. But, because it was in his record that he had been muzzled (and his subsequent dislike of vets) he had to have the muzzle at the new vet as well. Took a four years before they stopped it. Honestly, though, that first vet was damn lucky it was my sister taking Panda in that day. If I had been there, I probably would have done to her EXACTLY what she did to my dog.

I'm impressed that you got multiple animals to the vet all at once . . . I wouldn't even attempt that with our animals!

And yes, "vile wench" is a term of endearment. It's when he says "vile bitch" that you might want to think about taking offense at. Or maybe not. For all I know, you deserved the comment. (I should probably duck now, huh?) ;)


P.S. I gave up on the Democratic Party years ago. Can't quite bring myself to officially join the Libertarians (I've known several in person, and they've all been whack-jobs), but the official party platform and actions seem to be the ones in gov't who make the most sense.

Zube said...

Helen- Yeah, there is some fucked up stuff out there, that's for sure.

Junebee- He's better already! :-) Yeah, it was kind of psycho taking all three of them at once. It's nice to have gotten it over with, but I don't know if I'll go there again. Zack just made it kind of hard because you can't pop him in a cage like you can the cats.

Bonanza- I'm so glad Zack's not the only crazy dog. Thing is, he's waaaaaay better with the female doctor, but she wasn't there yesterday, so we got the guy.

Whaddya say we start up a business selling muzzles for husbands??? Now there's a profitable venture.

Dutch Oven- You'd better watch out!!! Bonanza's on a mission!

Old Guy- Heh. You made me cackle evilly! :-)

Phil- That sucks about your vet!!! God. Ours is nice. He tried to go without the muzzle, but Zack bit him when he was checking his ears, so he chastised him in a real jovial kind of way. Like, "Well, I was gonna try to do it without the muzzle, but when you bite the doctor's hand, that's what you get." More funny guy than mean doctor.

And, with the Democratic party, I'm over aspects of them, but I just can't align myself with the Republican party because their are too many issues with which I disagree with them. Who the hell knows. Politics confuses me sometimes.

Waldo said...

Hey! Another Democrat, I love it! We're going to take back this country in '08 and clean up the stinkin' pile of crap G W Bush has left behind.
I was cruising blogs and thought yours was funny. Thanks for the entertainment.

Anonymous said...

I missed a part... You married a Republican?!?

kyknoord said...

I've always been puzzled by warning lable hysteria. If we were really under continual threat of killing ourselves, how come there are so many of us? How is it possible that we managed to survive to the point where well-meaning politicians decided that we need legislation to protect us from the rigours of daily living?

Zube said...

Walso- That's me! Just left of center! :-) And right in some arenas. But I'm mostly prone to vote left because some issues are more important to me than others.

Bonanza- Yep. Can you believe that! Though, he's a Pro-Choice Republican, and he's no fan of Bush and the religous right, so we manage okay. It's funny, though. I figure, if we can get along, why can't the rest of the fucking country??? Oh well.

Kyknoord- But, didn't you know, none of us should have made it! We're all miracles! Heh.

It's just silly, really.


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