Friday, August 26, 2005

Not Another Zube?!?!

YUP!!! Another freakin' Zube. Oh wait. Let me clarify. Another Zube with claws. Not of the human variety yet. To my knowledge I'm not knocked up, and I've peed on sticks and stuff. Then again, I'm a rather disorganized woman when it comes to keeping track of when certain monthly events are supposed to occur, so who the hell knows.

Anyway, enough about that! Check out who is going to be living with us:

Isn't she just the cutest fucking thing EVAH?!?! The newest edition to the Zube family is still at the shelter because of a pesky upper respiratory infection, and the need for antibiotics, BUT I get to pick her up on Monday. Booyah!!!

My husband is the best guy ever. Yeah, I know I called him mean a few days ago. Shut up. He let me have my way, so now he ROCKS!

At any rate, I'm not just posting this to show off the fucking adorableness that is our new kitten. This is a call to action. She needs a NAME!!! And I need your help. I'm sure most of you have met the rest of the family, but if you haven't, please take a look. Our newest member's name must go with the theme. It's gotta either start with a 'Z' or have a nickname that begins with a 'Z'. We don't want the poor critter feeling all left out and shit. Help me out here, people.

Okay. Too much excitement. I'm going to pee my pants, so you'll have to excuse me now. But...WHEE!!! I'm so fucking HAPPY right now I could, uh, pee my pants! Gotta go...

23 Leg Humps:

junebee said...

TERMINALLY cute!!! Sign her up for pet food ads! My suggestion for a name is "Zenith". Not too trendy or wierd and fits in with the theme.

Anonymous said...

Zelda, because although she's cute now she'll soon be a full grown cat and she'll be kicking the crap out of the dog like the Zelda in the Nintendo game.

Anonymous said...

I guess it kind of depends on her personality...

If you want to go all literary, you could use "Zora."
Cutesy would be "Zip" or "Zippy."
Sex and the City reference would be "Zazazu."
Trendy would be "Zoe."
Multi-cultural could be "Zaire."
Energetic could be "Zowie."
Floral could be "Zinnia."
Creepy could be "Zombie."
Refined could be "Zurich."

I don't actually know all of these Z words- I cheated and Googled Z cat names. :) Personally, I like Zora.

And about the voting thing... I'll remember this... :)

Anelize said...

Just ran across your blog. Very cool.

Anonymous said...

How about Zygote and if for no other reason that its definition:

The cell formed by the union of two gametes, especially a fertilized ovum before cleavage.

Union . . . two gametes . . . fertilization . . . cleavage

He said cleavage

Julie Marsh said...

Woo hoo! Zube Girl = 1, Zube Boy = ZIP!

You know, I'm still on his side. But I can be happy for you because I don't have to clean the litter box.

I like Junebee's suggestion, because your happiness is definitely at a zenith right now.

Welcome to the family, kitty kitty kitty!

Phil said...

"Another Zube with claws."

And here I thought for a moment you had been cloned.

"To my knowledge I'm not knocked up, and I've peed on sticks and stuff."

Maybe so, but I don't think peeing in the bushes really counts, does it? ;)

Sorry I don't have any suggested cat names. Far as I'm concerned, they're all called "cat", "stupid", or "p.o.s." No offense to cat lovers . . . I've just had too many bad experiences with 'em.


BathTime Gal said...

The Naming of Cats is a difficult matter,
It isn't just one of your holiday games;
You may think at first I'm as mad as a hatter
When I tell you, a cat must have THREE DIFFERENT NAMES.

Ok, yes I kinda got that from TS Eliot, but it is not an easy thing to do, I know as I have gone through 7, yes 7 cats, 2 of whom currently reside with us. First, you must watch the cat in action, once it is home, see what it’s personality is, you may get the name there. Example – Our current male Siemese Cat is named Frisco, because he is a very frisky kitty, and I call him our Cowboy Cat. You can also name them after something funny they did……I had a cat named Frog, because as a kitten he played with them, and a cat named Missy K, short for Massive Sex Kitty, because when she was a kitten, she found a rubber, adult toy thing and was chewing on it…..yeah, I know, it was hilarious. R’s Maine Coon cat is named Jenny, because her father was a Maine Coon named Forest Gump….I could go on…but you can see what I mean. I took one look at her picture and the name that I got was……Zena – The warrior kitty….I mean check out those ears…I love it!!!!!!!

Storm said...


I like Zarah. But, I would, hehe.

Steve tells me he likes Zulu and laughed when I said I liked Zarah. Bastard. :)

t~ said...

lol how about: zanjipur... maybe too exotic sounding for such an adorably cute little face... hmmmmm

how about my ex sister in-law's name: Zandra... blech!

ok... here's my actual entry: Zinnia

Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

Congrats! Men try to resist the pussy pressure, but they always succumb in the end.

Zelda is cool: means grey warrior.
Zora: golden dawn.
Zara: princess.
Zena: alive.
Zhen or Zen: precious.
Zola: ball of earth... whatever that means.

However, if she turns out to be demanding, bitchy, high-maintenance, and slaps the other animals around, it's very clear you'll have to go with Zsa-Zsa.

Good luck!

Chickie said...

Zea: wheat
Zaza: movement

Don't know that I'd want a cat named wheat but I like how it spells what "Z" sounds like.

Congrats on the newbie!

carrie said...

ooh..I liked zanjipur. and its fun to say, too :p

Anonymous said...

Good one, LE! I vote Zsa Zsa now!

Please don't name the pretty little kitty Zygote.

Considering our last two cats are named Smoke and Turtle, I realize that I am no authority on the matter.

Jess said...

Shes sooo pretty! I think a royal name like Princess Zube.. or Lady or Dutchess etc..

She looks like a Princess to me :)

Linda Blakely said...

I like Zip or Zipper or Zoe. Congrats on the new kitty. She's a cutie-pie!

Zube said...

Thank you ALL for the suggestions!

Junebee- Isn't she, though?!

Old Guy- If she takes a lesson from the older cats, she sure will be kicking the dog's ass!

Bonanza- I felt so freakin' bad about the voting thing!!!

Analeze- Thanks!

Dutch Oven- But then what would we call our future children while in utero?!?!

Mother Goosemouse- Ah, the litter box thing is going to suck, for sure.

Phil- You know, my cats are odd. I've had cat-haters be converted by my cats because they're kind of like dogs. It's weird. They play fetch and stuff. If you're ever in the Colorado area, we'll have to see if I can't convert ya!

TXSM- Yeah, I'm collecting ideas for now. I won't name her until I get her home for a little while!

Storm- Thank you and thanks Steve for the suggestions! Zulu is kind of cute, and I like Zarah, too.

T~ I dig Zinnia! Thanks!

Librarian- Pussy pressure. Heh. Ain't it great?!?! :-)

Chickie- Thanks! Zea is really cute, too. This is going to be so hard.

Carrie- It is fun to say. Actually, you've given me an idea for a future post. I have words I just love because they're fun to say.

Bonanza- Zsa Zsa is awesome, though what if by merely naming her that, she assumes the appropriate personality? I don't know if I can do that to myself.

Jess- Funny. Zube Boy was like, "Just name her Zube." Hmmm.

Linda- Thank you! :-)

Giu said...

She is so cute :D
I'd call her Zeanra, it's a name I've seen somewhere and in my opinion it would look great on her.

zazzafooky said...

Congrats on the kitty! I usually get my way in the animal department too but you have to shower him with affection and make him think it was his idea :-)!!!!

Erin M said...

Zyrah Zube has a nice ring to it, exotic

kyknoord said...


peg said...

I say Zany... I mean... come on... look at those eyes... she's gonna be Crazzzzzzzzzzy!

I DO like Zsa Zsa though!

Phil said...

Carefull what you wish for, Zube. I actually will be in Colorado the beginning of November. But don't worry . . . I'll be too busy to annoy your cats, and still too far away to stalk you. lol



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