Tuesday, September 20, 2005

So You Think You Can Dance?

The Scene: Zube Boy is in the bathtub. I'm in the living room on the computer.

Z-Boy: HONEY?!

Z-Girl: YEAH?

Z-Boy: Are we still on for the dance-off tonight?

Z-Girl: Sure honey. I've just got to practice my routine.

Z-Boy: Okay. You better practice a lot, because I've got mine down.

A few minutes later, I hear singing coming from the bathroom...

Z-Boy: 'Cause I'm as free as a bird now...

Z-Girl: Are you singing in the bathtub again?

Z-Boy: Shush. You're ruining my concentration. I'm practicing my dance moves.

Z-Girl: How can you practice your routine in the bathtub.

Z-Boy: I'm going over the arm movements.

Z-Girl: That's an awful slow song for a dance routine.

Z-Boy: It's kind of an interpretive piece.

Z-Girl: Okay honey.

10 Leg Humps:

junebee said...

Hmm, sounds suspiciously like "Freebird".
...maybe bathtub dancing can become a new dance category.

Anonymous said...

I think that was "Freebird"- a southern staple... this might be a good time to find out how to add video to your site. :)

PaintingChef said...

You ARE aware that this is TOTALLY going to require pictures...right?

Or better...video...like Bonanza said!

Storm said...

*snorts* heh. pictures and video.

Chickie said...

So who won? And what Zube Boy conveying with his dance number?

Zube said...

Junebee- That's exactly what it was! I think that would be quite an exciting category.

Bonanza- Zube Boy locks the door when he's taking a bath. I think just for that reason. I am totally the kind of person who would run in and take a picture.

PaintingChef- I know, I wish. If I had the mechanical know-how, maybe I could rig the door locks so they don't work. Hmmm...

Storm- Hee. You snorted.

Chickie- He won by default. I told him that my chicken dance surely wouldn't hold a candle to his interpretive freebird dance. He said "Woohoo" and we had some ice cream to celebrate his victory.

zazzafooky said...

I second Storm: we need pictures!!!!!!!

junebee said...

I agree with Storm and TJ, and considering all the opportunities Zubeboy takes to photograph you in unflattering poses..it's high time the lens was turned, so to speak.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like a sure-fire blue ribbon winner.

Zube said...

TJ and Junebee- Maybe ONE day he'll forget to lock the door! I'm on the watch!

JJ- You know it!


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