Thursday, September 15, 2005

Things That Piss Me Off

Not that you care. Or should really. But, just for the record.

~Mother nature. She's a bitch. SNOW! In September. Well, at least it's not accumulating yet, but still. Enough with it. October I can live with. September? No.

~Zube Boy can start his car from BED now! What the fuck? He goes to bed with his precious keys and the handy dandy car turner oner that he just installed and that's it. He wakes up in the morning, grabs his keys, lifts his arm, and blam. Turns the fucker on. While he's laying down. Just like that. I'm hella jealous. Now I want one.

~I think I'm allergic to returning movies on time. For real. I don't know why we avoid paying money to see movies in a theatre, because by the time I return borrowed movies we could've gone to the theatre and eaten five bags of popcorn. And some caviar.

~When mean poo-flinging neighbors come home after being away for two months. And I didn't even CELEBRATE on my blog, because I'm a superstitious TWIT and worried that if I put on my party hat he'd surely return. But, he returned anyway. Last night. His court date is today. It's been such a pleasant two months without him. Dammit. Maybe he'll leave after court.

~When very sweet people, otherwise known as PaintingChef, send you a package and the miserable excuse for postal workers that we have here can’t get their heads out of their asses and deliver it to your post office box al-fucking-ready! They are a bunch of useless sacks of shit. Ever since I got married and changed my name, they've been fucking up. I'm sorry PaintingChef!

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jules said...

Snow? In Sept?! It's still summer here in NYC! Humid as hell!

PaintingChef said...

That's what I was coming to be all shocked and awed about. SNOW!?!?!? Its supposed to be 90fuckingdegrees here today.

And they STILL haven't got your package? That's just craziness.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

Dutch Oven wants one of those auto-start thingys too. He says it's because his truck is diesel and needs extra time to warm up (it's 90 here today), and it will prolong engine life and blah blah blah. He just wants to be cool, I know.

I'm kinda wishing it would snow here so I can wear my cool boots and not look like an idiot. Did I mention 90 degress? In September?

Poo on that neighbor if he doesn't leave agin.

Anonymous said...

I'm SO jealous! Now you just need the clapper (ugh... this isnt going well) and you'll never need to get out of bed.

Be sure the heat is left on crankin!

Phil said...

When I went to Oregon in June, it snowed on me. Not enough to stick. But still, it was JUNE. So I'm not at all surprised that Mother Nature is still being a bitch.

You should hide Zubeboy's remote starter thingee. Just to annoy him as much as he's annoyed you with it.

Join Netflix or Blockbuster on-line. Then again, considering what you said about your postal service, nevermind.

And here I thought my neighbors were bad. Of course, it may escalate to violence here shortly. Fuckers.


zazzafooky said...

I'm so jealous about snow!!! Quit yer bitching :-)... we can't even tell the seasons have changed here... bleh.

junebee said...

I know this is off the topic, but here is a CAWOW suggestion:


Definition: (adjective) Persevering and constant in effort or application.

Synonyms: assiduous, diligent

Usage: Zubeboy's sedulous efforts to sleep as late as possible led to the purchase of a remote car starter.

Ask Zubeboy if he can invent a thingy to start the coffeemaker from bed. I don't use a timer because it's useless.
The electricity goes off here at the
rate one would expect in a 3rd world
country. That throws off all devices with timers, the answering machine, everything.

I can do the CAWOW while you're on vacation if you want.

Zube Girl said...

Jules- Yes. Snow. It's nuts.

PaintingChef- No! Instead of your package, I get snow. Not a fair trade off at all.

Bonanza- What is it with boys having to be cool. And, I have to admit that 90 degrees does not sound right either. Maybe 70. and no snow. That'd work.

D double E- I'm sure he does!

Phil- I don't feel so bad now that I know it snowed in Oregon in Juse.

TJ- See, we have four seasons. Almost Winter (Fall), Winter (Winter), Still Winter (Spring), and Construction (Summer). I just miss balmy weather. Even summers here are cold at night and MAYBE 80's during the day. I don't think we've ever broken 90 degrees. Eh well.

Junebee- Let me talk to Chickie. She offered to help me with it, so maybe she'll share. I'll be gone for two Sundays, so that would work! Thanks! And that is a great word!

Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

I was watching The Weather Channel last night (because I have a secret crush on Jim Cantore and crave the storm drama), and heard about the snow. For the record, it made me mad! I WANT THE SNOW! I've been wanting snow since about June. I HATE summer!

I'd suggest sending me your snow, but we both know it would never get here, postal shit and all.

Storm said...

good god. Snow?

My parents are headed up to Denver today, to go to a gem and mineral show (or something along those lines). I just hope they won't get snowed on too. If I remember right, Denver won't get snow until a bit after your area, will it?

well, I hope your neighbor doesn't hang around long.

kyknoord said...

So now Zube Boy has TWO fun things in bed to get his motor running?

Zube Girl said...

Librarian- If I had reliable postal service, I would most certainly send the snow your way!

Storm- Yeah, Denver will be fine. Actually, surprisingly enough, Denver winters are relatively mild. I guess 5,000 feet in altitude makes a difference when it comes to weather!

Kyknoord- He is a lucky, lucky man!


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