Friday, October 07, 2005

I Miss You and Shit Like That

Z-Boy: Hi honey.

Z-Girl: Hi! I’m just shopping and missing you and I figured I’d call and say hey.

Z-Boy: So, you went to North Carolina to shop?

Z-Girl: Hell yeah. Are you lonely or is your girlfriend over?

Z-Boy: Well, my girlfriends here, but that’s okay. They can talk to each other.

Z-Girl: Heh. How is it that you come up with that shit so quick?

Z-Boy: It's a gift.

Z-Girl: I miss you, but I don't miss you one-upping me when I'm trying to be a smartass.


Z-Boy: Hi bitchlips.

Z-Girl: Hi hundies. How’s work?

Z-Boy: Okay. How’s New Jersey?

Z-Girl: S’allright. So, I’m watching Dawson’s Creek right now and I had to call you…

Z-Boy: You’re watching what?!?!

Z-Girl: Okay, shut up. That’s not the point. Anyway, I’m watching Dawson’s Creek and these two kids are kissing…

Z-Boy: Yeah…

Z-Girl: And it makes me want to kiss my honey.

Z-Boy: Awww…


Z-Boy: Hey wiggles. How’s the wedding?

Z-Girl: It’s fun. Guess what the grand entrance song at the reception was?

Z-Boy: What?

Z-Girl: Bon Jovi. Living on a Prayer.

Z-Boy: I swear to God, only in Jersey.

Z-Girl: Hee. Okay, well I have to go borrow my cousin’s husband because I don’t have one of my own here to dance with.

Z-Boy: Maybe you can dance to, “I’m a cowboy, on a steel horse I ride, I’m wanted, wanteeeed, dead or alive…

Z-Girl: You know you wish you were here.

Z-Boy: You’re right.

5 Leg Humps:

Storm said...


PaintingChef said...

And then when you got home you laid down on a bed of roses...

Sorry, it was the first song that came to mind...

LaLa Lisa said...

PC-'re so funny!
Zube...Love the nicknames you two have for each other. :)

Zube Girl said...

Storm- Ain't it cute. :-)

PaintingChef- Heh. That was perfect!

Lala Lisa- We're a bit creative with the love monikers!

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