Monday, October 10, 2005

Sisterly Love and Lazy Snow Bunnies...

Hoot texted me on Saturday...

Hey! I sent you a picture from my camera phone. I hope you have a good Monday morning!

I arrived at work to find this photo in my inbox. Hee. It's a little tough to make out, but dude in the center is rocking a FINE mullet. I fucking LOVE mullets. Don't get me wrong, I'm kind of glad that Zube Boy is a little, erm, hairless on top, and since he's no fan of the Fading Glory Mullet, I can breathe a sigh of relief that we'll never have to have the, "I know I LOVE mullets, I just don't want YOU to have one," conversation. Anyway, he shaves his whole head which I think is damn sexy. Sexier even than a mullet.

It was nice to arrive at work in one piece and find such a splendid e-mail. See, I kind of had a rough morning. I haven't heard the final word, but I'm thinking we got something like 18" of snow between yesterday and today. My technique for figgering shit like this out is quite technical, so follow closely.

Last night I drove to the clubhouse to throw our trash in the dumpster. I swept about 8" of the white stuff off of my car. Are you with me? Okay, good. This morning, I swept another 10". That adds up to 18".

Just to be sure, I decided upon arriving at work to measure the distance from the bottom of my boot to just below my knee cap. The reason being that this is where I noticed, while wading to my car this morning, that the sea of white stuff reached. And guess what? 18". Almost 19" actually. But, I'm not one to exaggerate, so I'll stick with 18".

Pardon the horrible quality of this picture. Our digital camera is MIA since Mr. Zube Boy went camping on Saturday. I'm not going to give him too much shit, because I'm lucky he returned when he did other wise he'd be buried. I'd just like to fess up and say, "My name is Zube Girl, and I am a lazy sack of shit who prefers to drive around with 18" of snow on top of her car than to spend a half an hour getting snow down her pants sweeping it off. Yes, I am one of those people."

Indeed. That's me.

15 Leg Humps:

Bonanza Jellybean said...

Ok- I was laughing my ass of at the car. That would SO be me if it ever snowed here. They way people here drive in the snow, I won't venture forth from my house until it has ALL melted.

That is a fine mullet Hoot found. Damn fine.

Chickie said...

Oh my fucking goodness. Can that iceberg come sliding off while you're driving? You should perch a snowman on top, make him roof surf!

LaLa Lisa said...

Holy Crap! Is it snow time already out there? Just keep it back west! :)

zazzafooky said...

I'm with ya on the mullets but I'm totally jealous of snow!!!

t~ said...

Is that what i have to look forward to when i move that way? shit! i may have to rethink this whole thing... because there would be no doubt i'd be driving around the same way. :D Which is absolutely hilarious btw!

BeckEye said...

I didn't notice the mullet. Trying to figure out if the person on the far left is a boy done up all Goth or a chick.

Zube Girl said...

Bonanza- Heh. Then you would fit right in. Just about every local I know does this, because when you get snow like this on a regular basis, you just kind of figure that the shit's gonna fall. Why get up earlier or be late for work, you know?

Chickie- THAT would be awesome! The snowman thing. Heh.

Lala Lisa- Can you BELIEVE it!? Six years of living here, and it still always catches me off guard.

TJ- I'm digging the snow right now, but I'm sure that by May I'll be singing a different tune. :-)

T~ It does have redeeming qualities. Everything is GORGEOUS today!

Beckeye- Wow! I hadn't even noticed, but I think you may be right about dude looking like a lady!

Latin Lover said...

There is no way that I would voluntarily move somewhere where they get 1 inch of snow, let alone 18. I am more of the tropical kind of guy. Heck, I start looking for sweaters and break out my heavy blanket when the temp hits 65!!

btw, for what it's worth, I loved the picture of the snow mobile.

mothergoosemouse said...

No idea how much we got, but I couldn't give a shit considering what it did to my tree.

And that picture of the club made me want to be 20-something again. Sigh.

Phil said...

Snow is wonderfull. I love snow. But I can't imagine actually LIVING in it. It's probably the one thing that's holding me back from moving to Denver. I know they don't get as much snow as you, but I just can't imagine dealing with it for more than a week. I'd go nuts. Er, more nuts.

Oh, and I think it's a chick in the pic. Dunno how it is where Hoot is, but around here if a goth guy wandered through an area that contained mullet heads, somebody's gonna get hurt. But who knows?


Dutch Oven said...

That thing is like a rolling Calvin & Hobbes snowball fortress. I could see you tooling down the strip with the snow(sun)roof open and blowin snowballs at passers-by.

Courtney said...

Yeah, I'm no snow bunny. I like it when it comes because I have an excuse to just stay in and cuddle in blankets and I'd rather have something to play in than to just have it be cold for no good reason- but really, I'd be much happier with some hot hot weather and white sand beaches. Permanently. :)

kyknoord said...

Whitewall tyres, fine - but wedding cake cars?

Zube Girl said...

Latin Lover- I have been begging Zube Boy to buy me a $250,000 snow cat (snow grooming thingamajig) to drive to work. He's not biting.

Mother Goosemous- I do get a teensy bit jealous of my sisters who are all young and cool and shit. But then I remember, I had my day. I'm so sorry about your tree. I wonder, is there anything you can do to salvage it?

Phil- You know, Denver is actually pretty mild. Sunny winters, and not too cold. Sure, there's some snow, but all in all I think the weather there is pretty fabulous. But, I might not be the best person to ask! ;-)

And, you do make a good point about the lady being a lady what with the mullet dude and all. Hm.

Dutch Oven- It's like I get to pretend I'm not being a bitch and throwing snow balls on purpose. But reall. I'm a bitch and if your riding my ass while I'm driving...look out!

Courtney- Mmmm...warm and sandy beaches. I love where I live, but it has definitely made me appreciate warmth and water. There's just something not right about drinking a daquiri in forty degree weather, you know?

Kyknoord- "Here comes the bride..." Oh SHIT! The bride's dead because she turned a corner and all of the frosting fell over her windshield and she crashed into a telephone pole! Wah!

Phil said...

Zube, it's all a matter of perspective. Remember, I live in Cali . . . right on the coast. It's a MINIMUM 2 hour drive to get to snow in the winter. So while you may consider Denver's level of snow "mild", the fact that they get snow at all means it's "harsh" to me ;) And it's not the actual cold that bugs me, it's the snow part. I just don't think I'd be able to deal with shovelling the driveway/walkway, or (more importantly) driving in it. The only time I've driven in snow is while hunting, which means off-road, which means not worrying about other cars, pedestrians, etc. And I don't think poor Duncan would survive snow, either.


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