Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Twee Towels and Shit

Well fuck me running. I didn't realize I'd married a fucking comedian.

Z-Girl: GOD why do you fuck up everything?

Z-Boy: What did I do now?!

Z-Girl: Honey, you know the dishtowels get folded and draped over the front of the left side of the sink. Two of them. And the one on the right overlaps the one on the left. That's the way I've been doing it FOREVER and EVER AMEN!

Z-Boy: You just do it like that 'cause your Mom did it like that.

Z-Girl: Bzzzzzz. Wrong answer. That is actually my very own obsessive compulsive habit.

Z-Boy: You're crazy.

Z-Girl: AND, if one gets really wet and needs washing, you pick another one out of this little basket over here and replace the dirty one. But, you have to make sure the new one kind of matches the one that's already out. Like, see...I'm going to put this one with yellow sunflowers out because it goes nicely with the light green checkered one.

Z-Boy: Seriously, what is the big deal.

Z-Girl: It just is, okay? It looks cuter that way.

Z-Boy: You know, honey? I try to see things from your point of view, but I can't seem to get my head that far up my ass.

14 Leg Humps:

Bonanza Jellybean said...

that was just the kind of fuck-up by a husband that makes me believe I am entitles to be waited on hand and foot for at least 24 hours. Did you act REALLY hurt? Because if you didn't, the shit doesn't work. :)

Guys never get that stuff anyway. Try going outside and fucking around with his tools, though, and watch what happens. maybe leave one of your towels as a calling card...

txsm said...

I'm with Bonanza...head out and move just one of his tools, you'll feel better. It's funny she said that, because when Gomer pisses me off...that's what I do...move them from the garage to the shed to the house, then act all innocent..."Why honey, I don't know what happened to your hammer, you know, you've told me not to mess with them!" I mean, he is so anal about his tools, he got me my own tool box for the house so I wouldn't touch his! I love playing mind games with him! Am I a bitch or what?

And on OCH..yeah, we have the same at our house regarding how the dishwasher is to be stacked! I have a certain way....and he thinks they should just be thrown in there...men!

LaLa Lisa said...

Don't ya hate when they get ya with a good one liner and you can't think of anything to ping them back with. Why do we put up with them? Oh yeah..they're good for shoveling snow. Hehe.

Phil said...

Wow, Zube, I didn't realize you were so anal about inconsequential shit like that. Zube-boy must be a fucking saint to put up with you at times. ;)


Chickie said...

I do believe that our husbands attended the same Clown College.

kyknoord said...

A response comes to mind: "Prove it!"

PaintingChef said...

Yes, we've had the dishtowel argument before. Only mine hang on the wall and there are 3 hooks, they must alternate blue, yellow, blue. And he just DOES NOT get that.

Amy said...

I have a thing with towels too. Not just the dish towels, ALL towels. They must be folded in half, then in thirds, then in half again and stacked in the linen closet with the folded edge facing out in neat stacks.

I have found BATH towels folded in QUARTERs!!!! AUUUUGH! So now, instead of learning to do it correctly he just refuses to fold towels.

But, God help me if I mess with his fishing closet or tools in the garage.

zazzafooky said...

I like him, A LOT!! :-) and comedian is right! HAHAHAHAHA

Weary Hag said...

Everybody needs a little obsessive compulsion once in awhile. But it sure does help to have a partner with a kick ass sense of humor!

Tessa said...

Whatta poop-butt.

I think I understand your frustration. My boyfriend will use the kitchen towels to clean off the counter! It drives me absolutely nuts! He's gradually learning that those towels are for drying off recently washed hands.

Next up is making him understand that the toilet paper is constructed that way so that you can insert it into the aptly named toilet paper holder.

Al said...

Damn, listen to you women! You're all the same. And I bet y'all have 19 pillows on the bed as well!

BTW, fuck me running? Great saying. That's the funniest shit I've heard in days!

Zube Girl said...

Bonanza- See! Thank you for reminding me that males are equally as crazy when it comes to their drills and tubing benders. Ha!

TXSM- I now have fodder for entertainment thanks to you! :-)

Lala Lisa- I do, I do. And the problem is, Zube Boy is fucking excellent with the one liners. It's disheartening for a 'last worder' like myself!

Phil- Yup. I am just a little anal about the house. But, in my defense, I know Zube Boy appreciates that company can drop by at any time and we don't have to be all embarrassed and shit!

Chickie- Class of 2000? Or somewhere around there?

Kyknoord- Now that I would have like to see!

PaintingChef- I''m NOT the only one! Okay, and hooks sound TOTALLY cute. Now you're giving me ideas. Hee.

Amy- That is too funny. I always fold the towels myself, too. Heh.

TJ- Okay, so I have to admit, that was one hell of a one-liner. It was difficult to keep my mock anger going what with the fit of giggles I was having.

Weary Hag- You are so right!

Tessa- The toilet paper one is tough. I've just about given up on that one. Choose your battles, you know? Heh.

Al- Close. I think it might be seventeen. :-) And, that's a famous saying in the Zube household, and I was hoping other folks would have heard of it. Glad you liked it. It ranks up there with my favorite F-word sayings.

mothergoosemouse said...

Are you really my friend Angela? Because I had never heard "fuck me running" before, and both you and she have said it this week. You DO kinda look alike...

Anyway, I'm with you on the towels, but I do have to admit that I laughed at Z-Boy's parting shot. I will not tell Kyle about it though, because I don't want it used on me.


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