Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Working That Ass

Z-Girl: *sniff-sniff* Dude, do you smell that?

Co-Worker: Smell what?

Z-Girl: *sniff* I don't know. It smells kinf of like *sniff* poo.

C0-Worker: Oh yeah. I farted.

Z-Girl: Oh my god! I thought maybe (general manager)'s dog shit in the office! That fucking reeks.


Co-Worker: Hey, do you guys smell something burning?

All of the Rest of Us in the Office: *sniff-sniff-sniff-sniff* No, oh wait, um, ewwwwwww! Bastard!

6 Leg Humps:

Storm said...

"oh yeah. I farted." wow. I'm not sure I'd have the cajones to own up to that one, not after someone told me it smelled like poo.

serious case of bad food, or regular farter?

Bonanza Jellybean said...

Welcome to my world.

Zube Girl said...

Storm- No. Actually, he walked over the copy machine room thinking I'd stay at my desk. But I, uh, didn't. I had to make a copy. He gets points for trying to be discreet.

Bonanza- Your world stinks. :-)

Phil said...

And what with it snowing outside, I bet opening a window is out of the question. You should get a can of "Fart-b-gone" and spray your co-worker with it regularly.


Kjersten said...

The 'burning' line is Greg's favorite. So gross.

Zube Girl said...

Phil- I told him he's off the hook if he takes me up on my Dance-Off challenge. I've been all about the Dance-Off these days. We'll see what he says.

I challenged the computer dude, too. He's not a part of our company, so he's only a tiny bit familiar with my sense of humor. Don't you just love when people aren't sure if you're joking or not and are afraid to laugh? I do.

Kjersen- The thing is, I get suckered by it EVERY time! Mostly because I work in a hotel and it's not all that unusual for an errant guest to leave the stove on or put couch cushions in front of the fireplace.


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