Thursday, November 03, 2005

I Wish I Was a Cat...Or, I Wish I WERE a Cat...Something Like That

Zander: I wanna play with the blue rope.

Zinnia: Me, too.

Zoey: Me, three.

Zander: So, go get it.

Zinnia: No. Zoey, you go get it.

Zoey: Fuck that. Zander you can get it.

Zander: Whatever bitches. I'm the man around here. Ya'll do my bidding.

Zinnia: Heh.

Zoey: Zander's done lost his shit, Zin.

Zander: Fuck you.

Zinnia: Ah. I don't feel like playing with it anyway.

Zoey: Yeah. Fuck it.

14 Leg Humps:

Storm said...


me, too.

Crazy Lady said...

ah, the life of a cat. I wanna be one too!

lysie6211 said...

Having a cat myself I just KNOW that is exactly what they are saying. LOL!

Bonanza Jellybean said...

That's just genius. I would have never gotten past "Fuck You" with my cat. :)

Zube Girl said...

Storm- Wouldn't that be the life?

Crazy Lady- Yup.

Lysie- They're so damn easy to read sometimes!

Bonanza- You know, the more I think about it, they might be looking at the blue rope toy and saying, "Just keep looking at it, and maybe the crazy bitch will stop staring at us..."

Chas Ravndal said...

funny and cute

junebee said...

Like I said previously, they all look like a bunch of stoners to me. What's amazing is that 3 cats even got that close together without food being involved.

Great ca(t)ption.

Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

I would pass on being a cat only because if I was, the following would have to take place every fucking time I took a shit: run fast as hell out of the litter box, curve up the wall to maintain speed as I zoomed through the front room and slid on the wood floors into the wall, immediately climbing the curtains to the very top then jumping 8 feet straight down and running full force up the staircase, across the hall, into the bedroom, up onto the bed, then freeze, panting like an asthmatic. But no, not over yet. Then I'd have to look around quickly and take off again, claws digging into anything that will propel my body further, back down the stairs, around the corner into the kitchen and up the screen door of the patio, where I would be stuck, claws embedded in the screen, unable to get away, now panting even harder.

That's a lot of fucking work just to take a dump. I'll pass on being a cat, thanks.

Carolyn said...

Being a cat would rock. This is my cat's day.
6.30am wake up go pester people for food, realise no one is awake, go back to sleep.
7.30am breakfast.
7.45am post breakfast sleep.
11am mid morning strol (depending on weather).
1pm check kitchen floor for any dropped lunch.
1.20pm mid afternoon nap.
2.30pm pre dinner stroll.
4.20pm begin dinner pestering.
5pm dinner.
5.15pm post dinner nap.
6pm evening stroll (possibly catch mouse if can be bothered)
9pm look for supper, supper not there go back outside
11pm supper
11.15pm cuddle with Carolyn while she is trying to read.
11.45pm sleep.

kyknoord said...

This entry captures the fundamental essence of The Way of the Cat.

PaintingChef said...

I think Luna's inner monologue goes something more like:

Day 3,571 of Captivity:

I missed my chance AGAIN! The door was open and I didn't run fast enough. And what the hell is wrong with the dog? Why is she always so happy. Here comes the one who thinks I like her, must. run. Will try again to kill them in their sleep tonight.

But...y'know...I could be wrong.

Jess said...

thats so cute! Ya know thats what they are thinking. I love watching my cat annoy the dog while the dog growls but will do nothing about it. Its like garfield & odie reruns.

zazzafooky said...

Have I told you lately how much I adore you!!!!!! I do the bra thing too, they're hanging from doorknobs, resting patiently on the dining table, or dangling from the banister!

And my cats are a bunch of lazy fucks too ;-)

Awesome pictures.

Zube Girl said...

c.jordan- Thanks!

Junebee- They are a bunch of stoners!

Librarian- You know, you are right about all of the crazy activity surrounding relieving your bowels. As a cat. Hmmm...

Carolyn- Heh. Sounds like our cats have similar schedules!

Kyknoord- It does, doesn't it?

PaintingChef- I think you're spot on with the inner dialogue of a cat.

Jess- Heh. Having a dog somehow manages to make the cats even funnier!

TJ- The feeling is mutual. :-)


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