Friday, December 16, 2005

I Feel Pretty

Z-Boy: Here honey.

Z-Girl: What the hell is this?

Z-Boy: $2.00.

Z-Girl: What, pray tell, am I going to buy with $2.00?

Z-Boy: I don't know. Get yourself something pretty.

Z-Girl: $2.00 isn't going to get me anything pretty.

Z-Boy: Well, maybe you could buy yourself some make up or something.

Z-Girl: Piss off.

I realize I haven't answered your comments from yesterday. I apologize. I have eight ski groups arriving in the next four days, so I'm fucking swamped. Things'll settle in the middle of next week. I'm not whining about it. In fact, I dig being busy as shit because it makes the day go quicker. Plus, my boss kicks righteous ass, and even though I'm salary which usually means you can work all you want for the same amount of money, she lets me accrue comp time. So maybe Zube Boy and I will get to take a nice long weekend jaunt in January or something. If he's still lucky enough to be married to my ass. Anyway...

Today's entry was going to be a photo of my desk, which looks like gnomes have set up camp and built themselves elaborate paper houses on it. And then there was a tornado in Gnome Town. All the gnomes flew up in the air and are probably dead. Which, well, good. Fuck 'em. Evil little bitches.

But now I'm left with all this paper and shit everywhere.

Unfortunately, though, my camera won't upload photos onto my work computer, so you won't be able to see it.

Edited to Add:

So as not to leave you picture-less today, I've drawn up a little something for my other half, and I'd like to share it with you. Do you think he'll like it?

It's sort of Picassoesque in its absractness, don't you think?

15 Leg Humps:

zazzafooky said...

Tell him that for $2.00, that's what you came up with ;-)

lysie6211 said...

$2? That can barely buy a tank of gas. Much less makeup.

Storm said...

heh. Well, Steve handed me four cents the other day and told me not to spend it all in one place.

I think the pic's hella picasso-ish. He'll either love it, or he's got no sense of artistic value.

junebee said...

Do you guys ever have normal conversations, such as what's for dinner, or if the electric bill was paid? Just wondering. Sorry about the hurricane in gnome-town. That's what they get for shrinking your clothes. Tell them to apply for federal aid.

wallofdenial said...

wel at least you gave hime some ass!

Crazy Lady said...

Man, $2.00 will only get you lunch at Taco Bell... With no drink! Tell him you were going to take him out to dinner, but that 2 bucks did not go as far as you thought it would.

Zube Girl said...

TJ- That's about what $2.00 would get me, eh?

Lysie- I KNOW! Make-up is fucking expensive!

Storm- Boys. They're fucking nuts when they think they're funny.

Junebee- Sometimes we try to have normal conversations. But, they always turn ridiculous. I'll be sure to pass the info along to the gnomes.

wallofdenial- Hee. That's right!

CrazyLady- Haha. Dinner four one. :-)

Tessa said...

Yur damn gnomes took residence at my desk.

If I see any of them (cuz, they're nocturnal, yes?) I'm going to pound them with my 2 hole punch and then stab them with the USELESS white out pens.

Who uses liquid white out pens anymore?? Frickin' garbage!!

Thanks for letting me rant. :)

Phil said...

You should buy a festive Christmas bag, tell Zube Boy to put it over his head, and explain that will pretty things up nicely from your perspective.

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

Minerva said...

You just make me laugh..and I so needed that today..
Thank you..

Amy said...

Personally... I like Phil's suggestion, that's perfect! LOL

My Mike and Zube Boy would get along great... sounds like they both love being assmonkeys just to see the expression on our faces. Mine thinks it is VERY funny to piss me off regularly... he says I would run any guy off who sat around kissing my ass all the time.

Chickie said...

I use the phrase "pray tell" a lot. I've never heard anyone else use it before. Maybe we are long lost sisters. Would you send me a hair sample for some DNA testing?

Doggie Extraordinaire's Mom said...

I'd say that $2 bought your man some dirty looks, some future insults, and a handful of mental wedgies heading his way. Good deal for you! Take the $2 and give him the rash of shit he is so rightly due! :)

That butt looks dangerous, like it could crush limbs or anything else that went near it. That could come in handy!

Spider Walk said...

I adore your totally rocks girl! :)

Zube Girl said...

Tessa- Hee hee. I'm sorry the tornado whisked them over your way! And you're right. White out pens are fucking useless.

Phil- Okay, I'm DYING with your idea. Hahahaha! I'm so doing that next time.

Minerva- Thank you Minerva. :-) That means a lot coming from you.

Amy- You know, your Mike and my Mike must have been seperated at birth. Heh. But, I would get bored with a guy who kissed my ass all the time.

Chickie- Absolutely! It's in the mail. I'd believe it, too!

Librarian- Ha! The butt does look pretty scary, eh?

Spiderwalk- Thank you. :-)


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