Saturday, December 31, 2005

Well, DUH!


Z-Girl: Blah Blah Management, this is Zube Girl.

Dumbass: Hi. I was wondering, is the ski resort open today?

Z-Girl: Um, yes?

Dumbass: Are you sure? It snowed all last night, and it's still snowing this morning.

Z-Girl: Uh, the ski resort is pretty well equipped to deal with snow.

Dumbass: Okay, thanks!

Z-Girl: Right. No problem.

14 Leg Humps:

Crazy Lady said...

oh, you gotta love those people whose sole reason in life is give us reasons to blog about how stupid they are!

Gary said...

I bet I looks great once the smowplows get all the snow cleared off. Happy New year to you and hubby.

Gary said...

Sorry about the bad typing. Sometimes I type too fast.

RisibleGirl said...

I love idiots. I really do. I'm apparently very petty because I like the feeling of superiority.

I also want to wish you a Happy New Year!

Rich | Championable said...

Argh. I might have asked the same question, city-boy that I am.

If it was snowing super-hard, urbanites like myself might think the lifts might be closed... or the trails shut because of visibility or safety issues.

But it wasn't me who called. I promise.

Happy new year to you and the Boy.

txsm said...

I am actually looking forward to starting work soon. The things people ask us during tax season is too I have something to blog about besides kids and Gomer from Jan to April 15!

Chickie said...

You'll probably have to lead them by the hand to the ski lift too!

Phil said...

Oh, but you forgot to tell them where the chairlift is! You just know they're going to bug you again with something like that.

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

junebee said...

You should tell them, no, there is no skiing but our pool is open for your sunbathing pleasure. Callers like that just BEG a smartass reply. Happy New Year to all the Zubes.

Amy said...

So let me guess... people around there "appear" to increase in intelligence the closer it gets to summer? ;o)

Hope you have a wonderful New Year!

Barbara said...

Gee, you must get some of my co-workers vacationing out your way.

lysie6211 said...

Sweet Jesus...more freaking idiots!!

justdawn said...

You have to wonder how some people are able to merely breathe in and out all day long, eh???

mothergoosemouse said...

That is classic.


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