Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Who Nose Why These Things Happen...

Do you gals ever have one of those days when after you’re all done getting ready for work or play you give yourself the final once over in the mirror and you’re like, “Dude! I am SO TOTALLY CUTE!” It happened to me today. I got my eyebrows waxed on Saturday which, is it just me or does that completely change the way your face looks sometimes? For the better. Anyway, I also got this new green eyeshadow which brings out the green flecks in my ocular organs and I actually FIT into my favorite pair of jeans again. They were getting a little, er, snug. I blamed it on the dryer. For a few weeks anyway. But that’s not the point. The point is, I felt awesome this morning. Like, really, really hot. But, it didn’t last long.

I sauntered into the office to find five of my coworkers having an impromptu AM meeting. About nothing at all, really. Which, to be honest, are any meetings ever about anything? None that I’ve known.

Z-Girl: Mornin' all!

Rick (Coworker): Yo. *flicks his nose*

Z-Girl: What?

Rick: Dude. You got a boog.

Z-Girl: Oh shit. *flicks the offending boog away* Good lookin’ out, man.

Rick: No prob.

Z-Girl: It’s nice to know you've got my back.

Rick: I’m good like that.

Z-Girl: And my nose.

Rick: Heh.

Needless to say, my pompous ass was properly deflated.

11 Leg Humps:

rockyjay said...

Almost like Da RockyJay Code!

Phil said...

Wait, I'm confused. If he's got your back, how did he see your nose? How did a boog get to your back? Or was it really something other than a boog? If he could see semething dangling while watching your back, does it mean there's a hole in the back of your pants? Is that why they are no longer snug? With a deflated ass, will your undies now be even more oversized than you need? Does Zube Boy know you have a male co-worker watching your backside?

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

Ginamonster said...

those damn things pop out at the WORST moments. I feel for ya.

Rich | Championable said...

I dunno. Sometimes, a well-place boog adds to the overall effect.

Booger Chic, you know?

junebee said...

So, you've defeated the closet gnomes after all!

Happy Villain said...

No, that was an excellent day, my dear. It would've been bad had Rick NOT told you about the boog and you found it later, say, in the rearview on the way home, and then had to think about the fact that it was there all day when you were thinking you were ultra cool. THAT would suck. You got saved from that horrible fate, and no matter what's hanging from the nostril vines, you're wearing your favorite jeans and your eyebrows are all sexy and sleek. Boog or no boog, that's a good day for most women.

txsm said...

ROFL....I can just see you strutting into work....feeling all good, and BAM...damn boogers just 'pop' out at the wrong times!

Hey girl, I've moved my blog to a better home...still have my old one up..come by soon for the new link to my new digs...I think you'll like it....oh, and don't forget to update my link on yours! Thanks sweets!

kyknoord said...

What junebee said. Now you'll have to go out and get smaller jeans.

Gary said...

Once you got your nose taken care of you should have just gone back to enjoying the looseness in your jeans.

Bonanza Jellybean said...

Heh. That's why we used to do booger checks before we arrived anywhere back in the ol' groupie days. That would have been BAD. But one certain rockstar, not to mention any names, had a BIG ONE hanging out and a huge zit on his chest (of course the shirt was unbuttoned) all the way through a local TV interview thing. I didn't tell him about it until afterward, because he had kind of pissed me off earlier.

The point of all tha crap was: It could be MUCH worse.

Crazy Lady said...

Those dam boogies have a way of poping up at the worst time. On the other hand if your "popous ass was properly deflated" then your favorite jeans would have been fitting that much better!


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