Thursday, September 14, 2006

Up, Up and Away, But It's Not Necessarily a Bad Thing, So Don't Worry...

I've got worrying covered.

Here's the deal. I have NO news. Because my doctor's office hasn't returned any of my frazzled phone calls since Monday. They mentioned then that it might not be advisable for me to go on this trip. But never said for sure. At yesterday's blood draw, after begging the nurse to PLEASE take an additional tube of blood to test my progesterone like I've been ASKING for since Monday and like my doctor and I decided after the THIRD miscarriage to do and like they've been blatantly ignoring me about since Monday, I also told her that I'd been waiting to hear SINCE Monday whether or not I should go on vacation. She PROMISED me that someone would call me last night.

And no one ever did. So I'm going. Because let's be honest. While tracking my hormones will enable them to know if things aren't looking good, it's not going to make a difference really. Particularly if they're going to keep brushing aside my pleas to follow my progesterone. There is a huge element to this that is simply, in the words of a song from my favorite movie, Heathers, whatever will be, will be. And I think I'm okay with that.

Just so you know, whether or not things work out, I'm ditching this bunch of ass-punchers at my current doctor's office and finding a new one. I don't think ignoring patients and looking at them like they've got three heads that will disintegrate into a puddle of salty tears if you treat them like a normal person because OHMYGOD, they had THREE MISCARRIAGES! is good protocol. I mean, I'm a seasoned pro at this miscarriage thing. NOT a fucking psycho. Put away those kid gloves you're handling me with and give me some fucking INFORMATION. And maybe treat me like a normal person. Ahem.

So, I'll be with family. In Chicago. And hopefully things go swimmingly. But if they don't, well, I'll be with family. I miss family. They miss me. I need them right now.

I don't know what kind of internet access I'll have but I'll try to update and PLEASE know that your vibes and love and voodoo all mean more to me than you could imagine.

Gotta catch a flight. Thank you again.


Zube and the resident within whose timing we shall say is odd. Maybe we'll nickname it Odd. Sounds good to me. It's already taking after me.


Zube and Odd

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kyknoord said...

Sounds like your doctor and my lawyer have a franchise thing going.

Viki said...

Doctors and their employees who don't listen and have forgotten respect aren't worth your time. My gyne fired a nurse once for not listening to me, which resulted in some tests not being read correctly, which resulted in me being told there was a chance my son would have Down's Syndrome when he was born, which was wrong, and of course which I worried about for the next several months. For this, my gyne has earned my undying devotion.

Good luck to you, and welcome to Chicago. Hopefully the weather will improve by the time you get here!

PaintingChef said...

I'm glad you're going. Your doctor's nurses are punk ass bitches. An RE is the way to go!!

HAVE FUN!!! Call me if you need me my dear!! Am missing you on google chat already!

Anonymous said...

I've read anonymously for a while now and felt it was finally time to comment. I know how much you have struggled and will be praying for you now & sending lots of good vibes! I wish you all the best and here's to finding a good doctor!

Have a wonderful time with your family :)


Rainypete said...

You and Odd have a good time and try to come home safe alright? We'll bug you when you get back. As for doctors, I think they're alla bunch of emotionally crippled goons. For the most part they are all so afraid of getting sued that they won't act or think without absolute certainty that they can be 102% accurate. Life's about uncertainty, have a go wouldn't you!!?

Kylei said...

I will drink to that for you!

Storm said...

By the time I got to the end of the first paragraph, I was thinking, 'she should change fucking doctors!' Can't tell you how relieved I was to read the second paragraph.

I think that going ahead with your trip is the best you can do right now, because you're right. Monitoring your hormones won't change them, and I think you deserve some good family time.

Have fun!

junebee said...

What a bunch of ass-wipes. It's simply unprofessional to not return phone calls. And in your case, insensitive on top of it. Geez. Hope the next doc and staff you get are more interactive.

Have a good time and enjoy your family. You deserve it. We'll be here when you get back.

Frustrated Mom said...


I, too, will be sending good thoughts your way. T and I just found out we are pregnant also. (Labor Day weekend). First Dr. appointment is tomorrow with the nurse, actually. Hope things go smoothly for you. Enjoy your vacation!

Khali said...

good voodoo, magic and all that vibe stuff to you and Odd!!!

Phil said...

Fire their bitch asses! I hate it when doctors won't listen to their patients.

I'd send some more good vibes your way, but I'm afraid that you'd wind up getting stopped by airport security & thrown in a CIA prison. Pretty sure the TSA has banned all vibes from domestic flights. If you want to risk bringing them along, I'm happy to give 'em to you . . . just make sure you hide 'em real well. Y'know, like, inside a pair of socks that you've worn while 4-wheeling & haven't washed in a few months. Nobody'll look there.

Echoes in a Nomad's Head

RisibleGirl said...

I'm so glad you're going to switch doctors. There really ARE good, caring offices out there. They're just few and far between, it seems. You don't need to be dealing ass hats right now.

Sending my good vibes your way, Zube.

Nicky said...

There are a few good docs out there and I hope you find one soon. Have a blast in Chicago. Positive vibes coming your way!

Kylei said...

more vodoo and drinking heading your way in about 30 minutes - well the drinks to you anyway- and I promise every drink made last night was in honor of you and odds well being and staying strong.

Karianna said...

Yeah, definitely get a new set of medical professionals.

Enjoy the trip.

And stay put, Odd.

Al said...

Hey Girl, lots of good, positive energy to you.

Have a blast in Chicago! Make sure to have some Gino's pizza while you're there!

rachel said...

Good vibes sent your way from me. Hope you get it all sorted out, and have cool family time

Becky said...

I'm wishing you good vibes. You are on my mind.

Kylei said...

vibes still ouring in zube and odd


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