Wednesday, October 03, 2007

I Remember When...

A long night of rocking had more to do with mood altering substances than it did a baby and a chair.

A croc was something I professed to be full of shit, not, in fact, full of my feet. And yes. I wear crocs. Daily. It's a little sad. But they're so DAMN COMFY!

I anticipated Daylight Savings for the extra hour at the bar. Moreso than the extra hour of sleep.

To go out before 10PM was unthinkable. Now, to go out past 10PM means Zee can't sleep so we're taking her for a drive. Admittedly, that hasn't happened in a couple of months. Thank goddess.

Being in debt meant I owed my friend $20 bucks. For maybe a green leafy substance she gave me in good faith. Or a few beers he bought me. Now being in debt means doctor bills out the wazoo and $800,000 in mortgages.

I used to be a decent, if not at least timely, blogger.


In other news, I'm a little bit of a liar. I've always proclaimed my life to be an open book. Well, it's not really. Not all of it. I think you guys know that, deep down. Now, don't get me wrong, I'm still in search of my Queen of Oversharing tiara. I think I admit to things other people maybe, probably don't even admit to themselves. But there are some things, many things, that I don't share. Personal shit. And I'm going through some right now. And it's consuming my mind. I'm worrying. A lot. And it's proving very unproductive on the writing front. Because I'm not inclined to share it.

I mean, I still adore little Zee, and Z-Boy and I still make fun of each other at every turn, and things are mostly okay.

I'm just, well, I was reticent to have one rental home. And now we have two...

And work is kind of kicking my ass...

And lack of sleep is wearing me thin...

And, and, and...

Speaking of thin, I weigh 135. I haven't weighed 135 since I got married. Three and a half years ago. When I got pregnant with Zee, I weighed 153. Now, that might sound a little like bragging. But it's really not. It's more a testament to the fact that I am stressed. And tired. And maybe not eating the best. To be eighteen pounds lighter than my pre-pregnancy weight already seems a little excessive. Not that I'm complaining. Or, maybe I am.

Well, lather, rinse, repeat.

How many times do ya'll think I can post the same thing only using different words?

I can't tell you how many times I've considered coming here and posting "The End." And then some, because you all deserve better than for me to just leave you hanging like that. It's like, I want to keep this door open, but I feel kind of like an asshole leaving it open and completely fucking ignoring it.

I just don't know what the next step is.

Erm. Why don't we end on a happier note, shall we?

I remember when...

My favorite joke was...

Why did the monkey fall out of the tree?

Because it was dead.

Now, my favorite joke is...

What has nine arms and sucks?

Def Lepard.


10 Leg Humps:

Happy Villain said...

Do you remember a while ago when you took some kind of blog challenge that said if your blog lost, you'd give up blogging for a month? And you won, thankfully, but we all would've hung in there for your return, as we all are doing now. Talk about what you want to talk about because life isn't just full of witty banter, or shows like the Gilmore Girls wouldn't have been so popular. Or don't talk at all. Just having the door there when you want it is enough, right?

We'll always be on the other side waiting to say, "Hey, it's Zube! She's back!"

mothergoosemouse said...

Hey, it's good to hear from you. As always.

Anduin said...

Ain't nothing wrong with taking time off from this place. I did it when I was thinking of pulling the plug on my blog. I don't have anywhere near the numbers you have, but we ALL would understand if you wanted to take a month or six off, or quit altogether. Do what's right for you and don't worry about us.

serap said...

I completely agree with the previous blogs. Tiny little babies are very tiring and all consuming. We know you love your family, and we know that you love us too! In return Zube, we will always be here for you, its great to hear from you... but take all the time you need. And give Zee a big internet cuddle from us.

Amy said...

I hear ya on all fronts. You are missed around here, but, everyone understands that you have a full plate.

Do what ya gotta do and your adoring fans will be here when you get around to us. :o)

PaintingChef said...

Wait... is daylight savings coming up? I can't keep track.


Why did the bee fly all the way around the world with his legs crossed?

Because he couldn't find a B.P. station.

Effortlessly Average said...

Oh Paintingchef.. nooo..... lol

Of course I'll keep coming back because I have low self esteem and I crave the day when I gain acceptance into the Zube Group of Cool by having my name added to your site. hehe... gimme a second, I have a tear. Ha, I kill me!

Anywho- what do a duck and a bicycle have in common?

They both have handlebars... except for the duck.

Rich | Championable said...


What everyone else said is pretty much spot on.

Rock on.

Erika said...

Well dear,

In honor of life being a bit sucky and hard and unspeakably unspeakable, I will share these things with you.

1. Alas, my work shoes are way way uglier than yours. I stand on my feet for up to 18 hours at a time in a tin can hurtling through the sky at 40 thousand feet. And to that end I say - FUCK FASHION!!! Give me my nasty old lady dansko clogs any fricking day!

2. Dude, I am a 28 year old flight attendant. I was in bed asleep at 8pm last night. Saturday night!!! I have no excuses.

3. My boyfriend and I have been together so many damn years that we actually have date night!! How sad is that? What are we, 80? Even worse, date night doesn't even usually include getting drunk and having crazy vacation hotel monkey sex! What has happened?

4. I fell hard on my ass in the spring and damaged my tale pipe. I haven't sat comfortably since. The doctor told me it could take more than a year. Even worse, it gets arthritic when the weathers damp.

Let me tell you, there is nothing sexy about ass arthritis!

I hope this gives you some perspective about the general unspeakableness shittyness that is day to day existence.

But on the flip side...there is the existence of full fat ice cream and good wine and good music. They help to take the edge off. Make things bearable.

keep on keepin on, kid!


Gary said...

I haven't been around here in months. I had forgotten what a great writer you are. Even when you don't have much to say, you say it very well.


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